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October 1971. Sherri visits Dennis in Milwaukee and a day at the Zoo

Elephants, Giraffes and other Wild Animals

1971-10-00-sherri-visits-milwaukee (24 images) Click a picture to see a larger view.

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Flamingo at the Milwaukee County Zoo Giraffes Turkey at the Zoo Bear Begging in Milwaukee Zoo Unknown 1971_10_00_milwaukee_zoo_bird_w_sherri.jpg Sherri gives a glance Elephant at the Zoo in Milwaukee Elephant Hippopotamus A tigar sleeping in Milwaukee Cheetah paces at the zoo Sherri Donadean October 1971 Sherri Enters the Apartment on Greenfield Ave in West Allis Sherri twirls West Allis Sherri Dennis In Sunglasses Dennis 1971 Dennis Sherri waiting for the Bus with Dennis Donadean Sherri Sherri Sherri Sherri profile

Sister visits Brother in the Autumn of 1971


Dennis, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sherri, West Allis, Zoo, Greenfield Avenue, 1970s, 1971, October, visit, Park

Photos scanned by Dennis in New York in October 2014. The images were digitized 43 years after the photos were taken