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Helton's Partner Gets Married and family visits

Robert and Priscilla got married

And family attends

2001_04_Robert_Priscilla_Wedding (47 images) Click a picture to see a larger view
Vicentina in New York for Robert and Priscilla's Wedding - April 2001

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Vicentina DePaulo Moeira Salua is surprised Vicentina and Donna Salua in the Kithen Raph Helton and his mother Vicentina Helton, Donna Salua, Vicentina and Heloisa Dennis Married Vicentina Helton and Heloisa Vicentina and Donna Salua Dressed for a Wedding Wanderson Helton, Heloisa, Donna Salua and Donna Vicentina in the Pews Heloisa Salua and Vicentina Helton Wanderson and Patricia Silesa at the Church Family enters the church Bridesmaids Pri's Mother Wedding Attendants Bridesmaid Attendents for Robert and Priscilla Mr and Mrs Robert Diaz Robert and Priscilla Exult on their wedding day Robert and Pricilla are officially Married Newly Weds get doused with rice Miles of smiles Catholic Church at 66th and Lex in NYC with Silesia The Bride Priscilla with helton and silesia Heloisa Rosangela Wanderson Helton, Nilza and her Daughter Denise Silesia in the Rainbow Room Rose Center Piece at the Rainbow Room Heloisa Vicentina and Donna Salua Vicentina Salua and Dennis Salua and Vicentina Priscilla the Bride Vicentina and Silesia Patricia Salua and Vicentina Patricia Oliviera also known as Silesia Wanderson Rosangela and Denise Which glass to use Helton Salua and Vicentina Silesia Helton Salua and Vicentina at Robert and Priscilla's wedding reception Donna Salua, Vicentina and Heloisa Vicentina and Heloisa

Guests include Dennis, Silesia Patricia, Wanderson, Donna Salua, Vicentina, Nilza, Denise and other friends

Priscilla and Robert Diaz Get Married at the Church of Saint Vincent Ferrer April 14, 2001 with the Reception at Rockefeller Center

Robert and Pricilla are officially married at the  Church of Saint Vincent Ferrer at 66th Street and Lexington in NYC


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Photographs with a Ricoh RDC-5300