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Justin and Matt visit New York while Helton and Dennis were in Wisconsin, July 2002

2002_07_05_Justin_and_Friends (14 images) Click a picture to see a larger view.

Justin and Matt Anderson of Durand and Friends in New York while Dennis, Helton and Janine were in Durand Wisconsin

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Cilesia Patricia Oliveira Justin and Silesia at the Yankees Stadium Yankees play the Toronto A mess of New York City food Justin makes a phone call Cilesia Matt and Justin on the phone Friends at Panchitos Restaurant in NY New Friends at Panchito's Panchito's at Night Frowns on Wisconsin Matt Anderson Friends on the subway Cool Matt Anderson Dancing Matt Anderson

Justin was in college in La Crosse Wisconsin and Matt Anderson was working in Sparta.  Janine joined Dennis and Helton in Durand Wisconsin for the Fourth of July Weekend.  Independence Day 2002 on the weekend

Baseball at Yankee Stadium with the Yankee and Blue Jays and nights on and around the town in July 2002.  New York never sleeps and neither did Cilesia, Matt or Justin


New, York, July, 2002, Matt, friends, Justin, 5th, vacation, baseball, Yankees, Cilesia, Silesia, Oliveira, college, Durand

Digital photos taken with a Canon PowerShot S300 camera