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Kelsey Jared and family throughout the year in 2008 in Wisconsin

Growing up in Wisconsin - A full year of photos

2008-Jared-Kelsey-Through-the-Year (61 images) Kelsey and Jared's 2008 Year

Click a picture to see a larger view. [ Back to Photo Index of all 2008 Photos ]

Jared Delighted with Birthday Gifts Emogene and Jared tn Great Grandma Emogene Jared Jared With His Blanket Emogene Tells Jared something Emogene Tells Jared something more Jared sucks his thumb 2008_03_15_jared_1.jpg Fake Jared Smile Jared Plays Kelsey Still Smiles and Jared protests Grandpa Gary with Grandson Jared eating peanuts March 29 2008 Sad Jared Jared Pensive April 12 2008 Durand Days June 6 2008 with Kelsey and Jared Kelsey gets a tractor Trophy at Durand Days Kelsey wins a prize during Durand Days 2008 Jared Drives Alone Durand Days June 6 2008 with Kelsey and Jared Durand Days June 6 2008 with Kelsey and Jared Sherri on the Merri-go-round Jared the lone driver Durand Days June 6 2008 with Kelsey and Jared Durand Days June 6 2008 with Kelsey and Jared Durand Days June 6 2008 with Kelsey and Jared Kelly gets the Party Ready for the July Birthdays Wire Wagon Pushing Jared by Nathan Water Truck Truck and Hose Plays with hose Plays with hose Jared in the Tub August 3 2008 Taking a Bath in the Sink Bathing in the sink Mugging with a baseball hat Bike Riding Jared 2008_08_03_jared_tubandtoys_8.jpg Jared and Kelsey at the Circus Jared and Sherri Ride an Elephant during Durand Days Kelsey and Jared at the Circus Kelsey and Jared at the Circus Jared glances Jared Profile August 7 2008 at the Circus Smile Smirk Jared and Pumpkin Spooks by Great Grandma Emogene Jared with Halloween figures 2008_10_28_jared_kelsey_halloween_8.jpg Blanketed Jared Witch Halloween Dummy Playing with a box Adorable demure Jared Durand Fireman Fireman Jared with a Pumpkin Grandpa Gary with Grandson Jared Halloween 2008 2008_10_31_jared_kelsey_halloween_10.jpg Kelsey and Jared Spooks for Halloween 2008 Sherri and Kelsey 2008 Halloween Jared Drives a John Deere Jared's Beautiful Mother, Kelly Jared's Bad Day


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