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Helton takes Sherri Gary and Dennis the Estate of a Friend. A Ranch and Coffee Farm and historic slave farm

Gutinho and Angela, the hosts, were absolutely gracious and unforgettable

07 15 2009

Coffee trees, historic mansion and wonderful hosts

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 Oliviera Coffee and Cattle Farm (73 images) Click a picture to see a larger view.

Cows on the dirt road entrance to the estate Brahma cattle on a Brazilian Farm The stately plantation farm house Beautiful buildings and lawns graced the entire farm Gutinho chats with the Visitors from New York and Brazil Gary shows off the statue of a cow on the plantation Going down to the horse pen to choose one to show off Pick a pony Donkeys are on a coffe break Drying beans by the Brasil sun Natural drying makes premium coffee for the French Coffee at regular grade The higher grade coffee beans are tan before roasting Roof under repair Plantation Repair 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_15.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_16.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_17.jpg Presenting a black stallion Showing off a prize black horse 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_20.jpg Handler 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_22.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_23.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_24.jpg Sherri and the black prize winner pony 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_26.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_27.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_28.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_29.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_30.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_31.jpg Slave living quarters upgraded 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_33.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_34.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_35.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_36.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_37.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_38.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_39.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_40.jpg Gary and Helton in the farm house 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_42.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_43.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_44.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_45.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_46.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_47.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_48.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_49.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_50.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_51.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_52.jpg Brazil puppy gets held by an American Baby Bananas 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_55.jpg The birds are trained to respond to whistles 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_57.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_58.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_59.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_60.jpg Brazilian Birds 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_62.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_63.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_64.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_65.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_66.jpg Maria Helena shows off the 18th Century Farm House 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_68.jpg 2009_07_15_coffee_farm_69.jpg Ant hills or termite hills in the Brazilian Countryside Road into the farm land Vista of hills and coffee plants

The trip to the farm was horrendous and terrifying.  Maria Lena drove wildly with Sherri, Dennis and Bruno and it was like a terrifying carnival ride, except there was real danger

The farm hosts were absolutely gracious and unforgettable. Gardens, workers, maids, horse handlers and wonderful greetings

Vaqueiro's showed off the ponies and horses to Sherri and Gary.  The farm was primarily for cattle and coffee


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Photographs with a Canon PowerShot A1000 IS digital camera