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Touring Belo Horizonte Brazil in July 2015 from the 17th through the 25th. Parties, street fair, birthday, food and Liberty Square

Sunny days and the fine Brazilian Winter weather

Visiting Family and Friends with Connor, Debbie, Sharon, Helton and Dennis

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Arriving in Belo Horizonte Vicentina's Birthday Americans celebrating a birthday Vicentina 86th birhday Dennis Janine and Dennis 2015 We take Janine to her favorite restaurant Bohema Beer Dish of lunch with Janine Cafezinho in Belo Church across the street from Janine Janine's neighbood Home of a Galo Executive Week day Belo Horizonte Bar Cafe Belo Horizonte Side Walk cafe artist Singer in Belo Horizonte Vegetables and fruits at a supermarket Fruit and vegetable sellers Get every thing at central market Brazilian Cheeses Birds for at the Central Market in Belo Meats at the Central Market GiuGui is a sportscaster for Galo Shopping for Galo memorabilia Americans shop for Clube Atlético Mineiro memorabilia Sports store fans for Clube Atlético Mineiro Fonte Praça da Liberdade Liberty Square Fountain Fountain on the promonade Modern apartment in Brasil Evangelical youths and a gazebo Christian group in Freedom Park Blossoms in Liberty Square Belo Horizonte building by Oscar Niemeyer Old buildings mix with the new in Belo Freedom square museum in Belo Horizonte Emperor palm trees Fountain in Praça da Liberdade Brazilian flowering tree in winter Pom-pom Tree in Liberty Square Feeding popcorn to the pigeons A red wine from Chile Argentinian Malbev served at the Brazilian Restaurant Wine for lunch Waiter presents our meat Last Meal in Belo Horizonte

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Our trip was seemingly unending transit, touring, parties, eating and visiting friends.  The hospitality of our new Brazilian friends and family was unequaled

A most excellent part of the trip was getting around Belo Horizonte in the taxis.  The drivers were courteous and professional.  The cars were clean and easy to hale, costs were moderate.  We rarely spent over $10 even for longer rides.

Touring Belo Horizonte Brasil em julho de 2015 a partir do 17 ao 25. Festas, feira de rua, aniversário, comida e Praça da Liberdade

The US dollar was rising during our trip. The Real exchange rate was about R$ 3.06 to US$ 1.00, when we arrived. It was R$ 3.20 to one dollar when we left, 10 days later


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Photos taken by Sharon's iPhone 6

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