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CoisaCoisa Video Index of Events over the years

From the 1990's to 2015.  Life of CoisaCoisa in Motion

New Dennis' Occasional Pages Videos over the years. Video's from 1990 to 2020 in living color and black and white

Videos of Sherri, Jared and Kelsey in New in September 2014

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911 Memorial World Trade Center Video Justin at the Memorial Turtles in Central Park Zoo  

911 World Trade Center Memorial Video from 2014   

Video of Justin at the Trade Center Memorial 


Video of Turtles on the gem pond in Central Park Zoo

Feeding Seagulls at Riis Park  The Beauty of Gulls Flying  A Staten Island Ferry Ride with a gun boat following on September 21   

Feeding Seagulls Video at Riis Park

Video and The Beauty of Gulls Flying 2014

Video Ride on the Staten Island Ferry.  Gunboats follow us on September 21 2014


Sherri Gets Married - Videos from the 1990s

Video of the Rehearsal for Sherri and Gary Vows Video for 1990 Wedding of Gary and Sherri Receiving Line Video July 14, 1990
1990 - Video of the Rehearsal for Sherri and Gary The Video of the Vows and Ceremony for Sherri and Gary Wedding at Grace Lutheran Church in Augusta Wisconsin 1990 Receiving Line Video at Grace Lutheran Church on July 14 1990 when Sherri and Garry got married
The Reception Video at Osseo Wisconsin Wedding on July 14, 1990 Helton in the Kitchen  Mondovi Farm Video 1992
Reception in Osseo Wisconsin Video on July 14, 1990 Old Durand Farm House Helton Does Magic in the Kitchen with Jeanette Vern and Emogene  1995 

The Mondovi Farm and Gary Farming.  August 1992


Video of Volcano Sunset with the World Trade Centers Feet and Toes Video
1997 - Video of Helton and Dennis Visit Hawaii and the Kilauea Volcano by Helicopter See a Video of the World Trade Center Slide Show of the Photos too Original pictures and video slide show of our feet and toes 

2012 Phoenix Videos

Phoenix Days 1 and 2 Phoenix Day 3 Phoenix Trip Day 4 through 7

Phoenix Days 1 and 2 with Stella and Orestus

Phoenix Days 3 with Stella and Orestus - The Botanical Garden and Scottsdale

Phoenix Days 4 through 7 with Stella and Orestus

Olga and Helton  Olgas 90th Video  Thanksgiving 2010 Photo Slide Show 
Olga looks up at  Bahari's Greek Restaurant 2014-07-07 The 90th Birthday of Olga Kakavales in the year 2011 

Thanksgiving 2010 at Olga's.  A video


Videos of Tom and Abbey in New York, June 2014

Tom and Abbey Hotel in New York in June 2014  Path goofing with Tom and Dennis  Tom and Abbey Head for Cindrella on Broadway in Times Square 
Day One with Tom and Abbey in New York June 2014 - Video Slide Show

Across the Hudson River on PATH train.  The Port Authority Trans Hudson tube - Video Slide show

Tom and Abbey Head for Cinderella on Broadway in Times Square  Video Slide Show

New York 2010 with Sally

New York 2010 Sherri Donadean and Sally View of Manhattan Video  Sherri and Sally Take the Circle Line Sherri and Sally Astoria Park Video 2010

Sherri and Sally in New York - Slide Show  all photos - video

New York and Queens from Home - 2 Minutes - last day

Circle Line Cruise - about 40 minutes -video

Astoria Park 6 min - Video
Rockefeller Center NYC  Brooklyn Bridge Hike Video  Jacob Riis Park in Rockaway Queens  Freedom Tower Trade Center Abuilding 

Rockefeller Center - LT 2 min video

Brooklyn Bridge - 2 minutes

Jacob Riis Park and Beach - 6 minutes


World Trade Center Site and the New Freedom Tower 2 minutes

Last Day in Central Park  Central Park Zoo Seals  Central Park Delecorte Clock  Jazz in Central Park 

Central Park Walk - 5 Minutes - last day

Central Park Zoo - 1 Minute

Central Park Delacorte Clock- 5 Minutes

Central Park Jazz - 4 Minutes


Miscellaneous Videos

Peggy Randal Sings in the Choir Liset and Conchina In NY Liset and Concinha in New York at Christams Barefeet on the Beach
Peggy Randall Sings in the Choir   2010 Slide show in Memory of Lisette December 12 - 16 2010

Part 2 December Visit Slide Show
December 17 -19  2010

Barefoot Feet on the Beach Video

New York Blizzard Video 2010   Video of Helton in the new kitchen  Sherri's Oriole Video  Jared's Birthday 2010 Video 

New York Blizzard December 26-28 2010


Helton's New Kitchen after the Fire of July 2010 

Sherri's Baltimore Oriole in Wisconsin Video

Jared's 2010 birthday at Grandma Sherri's 
Dennis Visits Wisconsin Video and Washes Emogenes Car with Jared    Jared Visiting Santa 2009 Video  
Jared and Dennis Wash Emogene's Video from 2010    Jared Visits Santa Claus in 2009   

Brazil Trip July 2009 and Vicentina's Birthday, her 75th in Belo Horizonte Brasil

Vicentina on the Porch Galo and Cruziero fans Vicentina with the Birthday Cake Vicentina cutting her cake
Porch Room.  Daughters and Grand Daughter Soccer Fans  The Family celebrates Galo and Cruiezero hometown soccer teams Cake 01 Cutting the Cake for the party Cake 02
Dancing at the party Vicentina dancing    
Dancing 01.  The Family dancing Dancing 02    

Brazil Trip July 2015. Touring Rio, Oliveira and Rio de Janeiro.  It's Vicentina's 86th Birthday, Belo Horizonte Brasil

Beach Volleyball in Rio de Janeiro Engagement in Belo Hoizonte Twisting Road to Corcovado the Christ  Concinha's Hollywood House part 1
Playing Volleyball on Ipanema Beach in Rio on July 22 2015

An engagement in Belo Horizonte - video

The winding road down from Corcovado, Video to the Christ

Concinha's Hollywood House in Oliveira Brasil Part 1

Oliveira House of Concinha in Brazil 2015 part 2  Belo Horizonte 2015 thumb  Belo Horizonte Street Fair Slide Show thumb  Rio de Janeiro 2015 Slide Show Thumb 

Part 2 tour of the Hollywood House in Brazil

Belo Horizonte Slide show of our 2015 trip with Sharon, Debbie, Connor, Helton and Dennis

Slide show of the Street Fair in Belo Horizonte

Slide Show of our 2 days in Rio de Janeiro with George and Toninho

    Video slide show of Guigui's engagement 

Slide Show of Helton's Home Town Oliveira in the state of Minas Gerais 2015


Melise and Guigui are engaged and about to get married in 2017.  A slide show of photos

2014, 2015 and 2016 Videos

Video Electro Spin thumbnail    

Video of Dennis and Kelsey on the Electro Spin at Coney Island August 2015


Janine Vitale Lucas says hello video in 2015 Brasil first win world cup 2014 Jared's first video
Janine visited NY in August 2015 and wanted to say Hello to all her fiends. about 30 seconds

Helton Celebrates Soccer Video in 2014 World Cup

Jared's 2016 Christmas Video

2017 Videos


Monarch Butterflies and Honey Bees


2018 Videos

A cow that dances      
Dancing Cow Video by Jared      

1994 Videos and files in motion on CoisaCoisa

Soccer Playing Dog


Soccer Dog Video on the Farm.  Video of a Dog Playing Soccer.  He would not stop.  June 2019



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