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Photos and Video Index of Coisa Coisa 1980s.  Arriving in New York

These photo page links are from the 80's decade of Personal and family connections.

1980 to 1989

Photos from film were scanned and digitized in the 2010's.Digital photography was not yet a consumer hobby, digital camera's were only in their infancy. 

Dennis moved to New York and met Helton and his friends during the decade.  It began the relationship of coisa one and coisa dois - CoisaCoisa

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1980 Index

The group of photos is digitized from Helton's personal.  He move to New York from Brazil  in 1980

Albertina Helton Yeda Yeda and Helton all dressed up Fern st james

St James Avenue Early 80's Photos

Helton and Yeda on New Years Eve 1980

Family and Beach in 1980.  Miscellaneous  family page

Helton Yeda and Ronaldo in 1980

Dennis's Knuth 1980 Cutlass

Edison and Helton at the Carnaval in 1982


Dennis Oldsmobile Cutlass April 1980

Helton at Carnaval in 1980s in New York and Brazil


Ma and Pa Hillestad in their home


Vicentina and Helton in New York Early 1980s

Helton and Brazilian Friends at the Whitehouse

Gloria's Parents  in 1980


Helton's Early 80's Photos.  New York and Brazil

Helton and friends in Washington DC March 1980 with Yeda and others

1981 Index


Dennis in 1981 in his New York Apt and in Massachusetts visiting Cape Cod Mass.   Misc. Photos Wisconsin Friends and Family 1981


1982 Index

Dennis Depaulo At Big Falls Fall Creek Wisconsin Washington DC 1982_01_00_vicentina_w_thacila_a.jpg


Dennis introduces Helton to Wisconsin for the First Time

Helton and Friends in Washington DC in March 1982

Thacila Arrives in early 1982

1982 Carnaval in Oliveira and Carnaval Party at another time




1986 index

First trip to Brazil   Wedding Dress train Helton walks down the streets of Ouro Preto Vicentina's family

Dennis' first trip to Brazil with Helton 1986


The marriage of Ricardo and Heloisa in Belo Horizonte Brazil 1986

Caves, Historic cities and Mountains  in Minas Gerais Brazil 1986

Vicentina's house with her family and staff

Back kitchen at Vicentina's        

Miscellaneous Photos with the Family



1988 Year index

Wedding Gowns of the Daniels Twins

Justin and Nathan adventurers in the woods


The Daniels Twins, Nancy, Kathy, Tom and Peggy in the summer of 1988

Dennis annual Summertime visit fun with family, July, 1988



Miscellaneous 1980's

Helenice and Eduardo Central Park Snow helton_in_car.jpg Brazilian Moeira Family

Eduardo and Helenice get married.  Miscellaneous family photo pages

Central Park in the Snow and Helton Yeda and other friends around New York - circa 1982

Helton's Album miscellaneous photos undetermined years and unknown locations from the early 1980's

Moreira Family from Brazil. Old car from the 1950s and family in the 1970s and 1980s

St james      

St James Street Miscellaneous Photos from the Early 1980's


Decade of Change for Helton and Dennis

Dennis moved from Wisconsin to New York and Helton moved from Brazil to New York.  They would meet and become friends for life.  The photos from these albums demonstrate the mixing of their families and there lives

1980, Brazil, change, New York, new year's, photos, Helton, miscellaneous, Dennis album,
Photographs digitized from Dennis' and Helton's personal photo albums