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New York Pass Review. Our Verdict of our 3 day New York Pass: Excellent.  New York Pass Recommendations

How many hours does it take to use the New York Pass?  See our experience below:  Day by Day with the NewYork Pass, follow our 3 days using the Pass below including time required for the attraction venues and getting between them

Tour of New York with our 3 day New York Pass and 2 other days and attractions that were not included in the pass.  See the review below

Click on the tickets photos, scans, and passes to see see them full size

NewYorkPass 2015 id card frontNewYorkPass 2015 id card backThe New York Pass helped us have a good time.  Sherri and Kelsey planned to come to New York just about a year after they were there with Jared.  The trip was more organized and kid free without having to mind and care for some one underage. 

The NewYorkPass, review and recommendations for using the New York Pass:

Plan your locations, transit, and use of your passes for 2 events a day that take hours each; remember it will take you an hour or two in transit and in eat time between locations.  We DON'T recommend trying to take in more venues per day if you want an enjoyable and relaxing day.  A 3rd venue might be added if you spend a short time at the 3rd but remember all these things will blur together if you hustle and rush. Doing too much will exhaust just about everyone

We were pleased with The New York Pass.  Our passes were purchased on-line, we bought two weeks before our trip and received a discount.  The pass proved to be an excellent value, we saved money.  Remember, all attractions are busier on peak holidays and weekends, lines are longer so plan you touring accordingly

Our 3 day New York Pass Use - (plus other options not included in the pass) the time includes waiting in line, time for buying souvenirs etc. You will have to add time to each NewYork One attraction when the crowds are larger:

Day One. 10 hours for two New York Pass events and add on Broadway play (Thursday):

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island ticket1.  Statue of Liberty (the New York Pass) - Lines were minimal - 3 hours without visiting the pedestal and upper levels of the statue and the crown (additional
add-on tickets, reservations, waiting time).  We did not get off at Ellis Island. You can add an additional 2 hours or more for platforms and Ellis

2.  Lunch at the Battery Gardens beer garden in Battery Park - one hour - not included in the pass.  This is one of the few places we know of in New York that serves bratwurst  

3. Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum (the New York Pass) - 2 hours on a day that was without any waiting lines

On the Town Playbill 20154. Pre-theatre eats at the Smith's Bar at 44th Street and 8th Avenue - one hour plus.  One of the very few neighborhood bars left in the theatre district (The New York Times had a section cover story when this NY institution closed in April 2015 - it reopened after the landlord got reasonable)

On the Town Ticket 20155.  One the Town or for most other Broadway shows.  3 hours. The most entertaining musical we have seen in 30 years.  The New York Pass offers theatre discounts but our tickets were bought at TDF . org as a member. We did not buy using the New York Pass.  The TDF membership is $30 a year if you qualify. (We got 4 Orchestra Seats for less that $50 each with the membership - the TDF play offerings are limited.  If you just have to see a particular play, buy from New York Pass. TDF available plays and musicals are only offered 3 or 4 or more days in advance)

Day Two.  8 hours for two New York Pass attractions (Friday) :

Kelsey Sherri and Dennis on the CycloneConey Island Luna Park guide1. Coney Island, Luna Park - no lines. 4 hour wrist pass (the New York Pass).  We loved it, great value (although some extreme rides like the Cyclone not included)  Recommendation:  When you acquire your wrist band get your extreme ride discounted tickets at the window at the same time (for example save $2 off the $9 ticket on the Cyclone - discounts only at the Main Luna Park customer service window. The New York Pass extreme ride discount tickets not available at the ride booths - you can add all the extremes to your wrist band for $11).  We were at the park for over 6 hours.  Note: there is are 2 amusement parks at Coney Island, Wonder Wheel park is not included.

2.  Early dinner at Tom's on the Boardwalk at Coney Island, photos and walk on the beach and one hour subway ride to the Empire State.  Two hours plus.  We recommend this restaurant because the food was good

Ticket to the Empire State Observatory3. Empire State Observation Deck (the New York Pass). line was minimal.  2 to 3 hours minimum. This too is a New York institution, everyone should go at least once.  It took us almost an hour to wind through the lines and information displays to the elevators even though the crowd was minimal.  It was sunset time and the 86th floor observation deck was elbow to elbow - un-enjoyably crowded.  Ticket to the 102nd floor costs $20 extra - we've been there before - space is very tight, glassed in and not worth the extra $$

Day Three. 6 hours for two New York Pass attractions (Saturday) :

Circle Line Best of NYC tour1.  The Circle Line Best of New York - no lines - boat ride around the full island of Manhattan (the New York Pass).  3 hours. Our favorite thing to get all of the city in full perspective.  Sherri called it the best way to see all of the city.  Relaxing, good tour guide banter.  Dennis, the host has been taking this ride every couple of years over the last 30 years.  We were surprised that there are only 3 trips a day scheduled for the Best of NY.  Other Circle line tours, less than 2 hours each are available for only parts of the harbor  

2. Lunch and a beer in a restaurant at the foot of the Intrepid aircraft carrier ship tour by the Circle Line. One hour

Top of the Rock ticket 20153. Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center observation deck (the New York Pass) - lines moved continually - minimal wait . Two hours at sunset. This was the better of two observation decks we visit.  We prefer this view because it is in the middle of the city that makes the skyscrapers seem more accessible and more on a human scale.  The lines to the elevator are quick.  There are three levels for observations, all in the open air and they were less crowded than the Empire State building

We were told by many throughout our use of the 3 day New York pass that the New York Pass was better than CityPass

The New York Pass is less expensive and offers more options.  Our tour included Coney Island Luna Park and CityPass does not give admission to the park

Day Four. No pass day Five hours. (Sunday) :

1.  A Sunday stroll through Central Park.  3 hours. Arrived by subway at the 61st and 5th Avenue R train station.  Walked 77th Street at Central Park West past statues, softball fields, great lawns, Strawberry Fields and the boat pond

2.  Brunched at Cafe Frida Mexican Restaurant on Columbus Avenue in New York.  2 hours.  Best Margarita's in New York, but stick to one drink.  They are $14 to $16 each, plus tax and tip they can cost you over $20.  The food is reasonable by NY prices.  We came back this 2nd time for it and we will come back again

Day Five. No pass used. (Monday) :

1.  Riis Park Beach day in Rockaway Queens.  Four plus hours plus one hour drive time.  Beautiful, Beach, New York city.  New York city is not known for its beaches but it should be.  Tolls to the beach are $8 round trip, parking is $10.  This is also known as the Gateway Recreation Park.  It is a national park.  The park is clean and patrolled by US park rangers

2. Visit to our Friend Olga. She's 94 and full of fun.


Sherri and Kelsey in New York, August 2015. Photos and Touring New York city with family and friends.

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Click the image to see Sherri and Kelsey on the Coney Island Electro Spin, a video

Photos and review of our use of the New York Pass.  Guests from Durand Wisconsin Visit NYC in the summertime.

Statue of Liberty view from the back King Kong The Lyric Theatre The Power Surge at Luna Park The sunsets on lower Manhattan and the Freedom Tower
Visiting The Statue of Liberty Monument 42nd Street and the Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum Dinner and On the Town on Broadway Riding the rides at Luna Park at Coney Island Views from The Empire State Building
The Empire State Building from the East River Sherri and Kelsey and the Empire State Shrimp soft-shell tacos at Cafe Frita Kelsy and Sherri selfie at the beach Visiting 94 year Olga
Circle Line Best of New York cruise Photos from the Top of the Rock Cafe Frita Mexican Food and Central Park A Day at the Beach at Riis Park Visiting Olga at the end of our day at the beach

Video Electro Spin thumbnail

NewYork Pass Review.  3 Days - Day by Day

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Scanned items and Photos taken with iPhone 4s and Nikon Coolpix S8200