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Coney Island the rides at the Luna Amusement Park. Sherri and Kelsey visit New York in August 2015.

Coney Island is a joy for New York residents and tourists from Durand Wisconsin

Coney Island has been revitalized and cleaned up.  We loved it

2015-08-07-a-luna-park-coney-island (13 images) Click a picture to see a larger view.

The Air Race The Tickler The Electro Spin Mounting the Soaring Eagle Ride The Soarin Eagle ascends The Steeplechase The Power Surge at Luna Park The Wind Star amusement ride Beach and Boardwalk on Coney Island Helton and Dennis enjoy Tom's Brooklyn View of the Coney Island Beach from Tom's Restaurant The Coney Island Beach from the Boardwalk The Boardwalk at Coney Island

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Our opinion of Coney Island has changed:

Gone are most of the seedy attractions and mostly gone are the rude and not caring employees.  Our visit to Luna Park and Coney could hardly have been more enjoyable.  Coney Island, the beach, boardwalk and amusement parks are clean and have been spruced up.  Safety was a concern by the employees on all the rides.  We were impressed.

Our favorites were the Cyclone Roller Coaster and Tom's Brooklyn, aka Tom's Coney Island Bar and Restaurant.

The Coney Island amusement area has been the target of real estate developers for at least the last hundred years.  We are happy it has been saved. You can read more about Coney Island on Wikipedia

Our 4 hour wrist band at the Coney Island Luna Park was part of The New York Pass 3 day pass.  We rode these rides:

Air Race, Wind Star, The Tickler, Steeplechase, Power Surge - twice, Soarin’ Eagle, Electro Spin, Lynn’s Trapeze - twice, and The Cyclone roller coaster

Plan ahead for your rides. We paid a full $9 each extra for the The Cyclone, listed as as "Extreme Thrill".  You can add the Extreme Thrill rides to our wrist band for $7 each or $11 for all of them.  We failed to get these add-on discounts, as required, at the customer service window.  You can not get the discounts at the individual ride booths


Kelsey Sherri and Dennis on the CycloneConey Island Luna Park guideConey Island, New York, Sherri, 2015, Luna, Park, photos, Toms, bar, Kelsey, restaurant, coisacoisa, Cyclone, touring, Dennis, boardwalk, beach, August, Durand, Helton, Wisconsin, roller, coaster

Also see our Cyclone at Coney Island at Luna Park ride photo

There are actually two separate Amusement Parks at Coney Island.  We did not visit Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, which seems to divide Luna Park into two parts.  Deno's Park requires separate admissions or passes

We spent about 6 hours visiting The Brooklyn NY Coney Island amusement area and Luna Park.  Helton took most of the pictures but he refused to go on any of the rides

Our next stop was the Empire State Observation Deck

Coney Island photos taken by Helton and Sherri with a Nikon Coolpix S8200 and an iPhone 4s