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Coisa Coisa 2000's Photo and Video Index

Start of a new millennium and a new decade in the World and in America. The 2000s life with CoisaCoisa - Coisa dois and Coisa um.

Start of a new millennium

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Most of all it was the excitement for the end of the century, and the beginning of the 21st.  Debated was whether 2000 or 2001 was the beginning of the new century.  Who cares?  Seeing all 4 year digits change - from 1999 to 2000 - made it especially exciting.

2000 year

Nathan and Jared February 26 2000 in NY on their way to Brazil at the World Financial Center


2000-02-26 Nathan and Jared in NY on their way to Brazil

Dennis and Sherri January 1 2000 Rose Haddock Davis on Fathers Day 2000 July 2002 Travels in Wisconsin with Janine Rose and Justin May 12 2000

New Years Eve 1999 turns into New Years Day 2000.  All 4 year digits roll over

Father's Day with Rose and Adam

Traveling with Janine and Silesia in Wisconsin July 2000

2000-05-13 Justin's High School Graduation

Las Vegas 2000 Helton and Silesia Valentine Peggy and Abbey in April 2000 Augusta Wisconsin

Helenice, Rose, and Helton in May 2000

Erv Dennis and Gloria - Las Vegas September 2000.

Rosa and Adam Visit along with Silesia Valentines Day

Tom Peggy and Abby get visited by Dennis and Helton from New York in April 2000

Dennis Helenice and Helton Visit Rose May 2000

Golden Girls go for a walk

Emogene and her art

Brooklyn horizon sunset

July 1 2000 Trip to Lake Superior with Emogene, Helton, Sherri, Gary and Dennis

2000-06-23 and 07-28 Golden Girls in Montana and Emogene's 75th Birthday

2000-12-December in Wisconsin

New Years Eve 2000 in New York at Home

2000-07 Wisconsin July Holiday and Trip to Lake Superior

2001 year

Word Trade Center down, Extended Prosperity, Tough Times, Peggy's 50, Mothers day, Priscilla and Robert get married.  Vicentina Visits New York

Sunset with the World Trade Centers Everyone loves Norma Hansen  Memorial Day 2001 at the top of the Trade Centers

Helton is known for his verbal WOW! January 13, 2001

Word Trade Centers down

Marco's Mom visit's New York June 2001

Saxes at World Trade Center

01-14- 2001 Phoenix_Rodeo Wow

Family enters the church

Justin Moore and Emogene May 12, 2001


October 10th Get Together at the Apartment

Pri and Robert get Married With guest from Brazil attending. April 2001

Justin and Dennis In Wisconsin For Mother's Day Weekend 2001

2001-04-14 Vicentina in New York
 for Robert and Priscilla's Wedding

Lea, Pablo and Vivianne visit New York and Dennis and Helton. They are all from Oliveira, Minas Gerais, Brazil

October 2001 Beach Day at Riis Park in Queens New York


July 4th Weekend 2001 at Sherri and Garys

October 2001 Beach Day in New York City

Celebrating Emogene's 2001 Birthday

Matt and Justin visit NY with friends from La Crosse Wisconsin

2001 4th of July weekend on the farm Updated!

Dennis December 16 2001 Birthday in Arizona Rachael, Helton, Zelia and Rene Peggy's mom smiles about the trip Bean and Bacon Days

December 2001 Dennis' best birthday ever

Helton's 50th Birthday delayed and updated!

Peggy Celebrates Her 50th Birthday in May

2001-07-04 Bean and Bacon Days in Augusta Wisconsin

Dennis Helton and Mucio on the Desert 2001

Thanksgiving 2001

Miss Univers 2001 and Donald J Trummp

Buddhist Temple in Elmhurst New York with the World Trade Centers on the Sklyline - June 6 2001

2001-11-11 Trip to Nevada and Arizona with Mucio

2001 Thanksgiving in New York Queens 2001-11-24

Helton at the Miss Universe Contest 2001

Donald J. Trump was there too

2001-06-09 Buddhist Funeral in Elmhurst New York

2002 Year

Phoenix and Las Vegas with Erv and Glow, Brand new millennium and brand new century

Emogene's 2002 Birthday Chronology

July 2002 Travels in Wisconsin with Janine - Helton, Janine, Jeanette, Dennis, Mom and Kelsey

NYPD t-shirt Sherri with Emogene and Aunt Norma at the 2002 birthday party

Picnic table chat

Janine and Silesia Patricia Visit Wisconsin in July 2002

Photographs by Silesia with Baby Goats Don took these photos of the Birthday Party and Family Reunion

Birthday and Reunion pictures by Vern


Jeanette, Helton, Sherri, Kelly, and Nathan

Sherri and Gary present the steaming turkey


Emogene Grams Knuth's 2002 Birthday Party, her 77th,  turned into the best Family Reunion.  July 28, 2002 Dennis Photos

Helton and Donald Biesecker's 2002 birthday

November 28 2002 Thanksgiving at Gary and Sherri's Dairy

Turkey Lost the World Cup

Cilesia wih Justin and Matt Anderson

Silesia and Dennis in the Bedroom

Friday Night at John's Street, September 6, 2002

Central Park with Cilesia and Guillermo on Veteran's Day in Autumn

Matt Anderson and Justin with Cilesia in New York, July 2002

Silesia and Guillermo Visit Dennis in November

Kitty Kitty close up on the monitor

Dennis on the farm at Christmas 2002


Kitty Kitty Cat at Sherri's in 2002

Christmas 2002 at Sherri's updated!


2003 year

Grams family brothers and sisters with husbands and wives

The sun shines on Janine

Goodbye to Janine

Silesia in Central Park

Grams Family Reunion at Jeanette Ayres July 2003

Janine Moves from New York to Brazil May 2003

Janine Farewell Party May 24 2003

Central Park with Silesia on Easter April 20, 2003

r0010159.jpg Justin and Julia on the Brooklyn Bridge Central Park - Presidents Day Blizzard - February 17 2003 Guests

Connie Visits the Apartment. 2003-05-15

2003-09-28 Julia and Justin in NY

President's Day Blizzard of 2003 February 17

Barbeque with Silesia 2003-07-01

Dells Mill Reflection

Durand Wisconsin July 4th Weekend 2003

Dennis at the party

Sherri Dennis and Justin on the Farm

Dells Mill and Dells Mill Museum from the Dells Pond  August 2003

July 4th Holiday Weekend with special guests Erv and Gloria 2003

April 20th 2003 Easter at Helton's Apartment. Updated!

August visit to the Farm in 2003.  Dennis Justin and Julia.  Pictures on lawns and cornfields.  Sweet corn for summer

Tom with my initials D K

Rosangela in the newly wed Bride


A short visit to Augusta 08-11-2003

Rosangela Torres Get married April 2003


2004 year

Table on Thanksgiving Day 2004 Family and friends at Helton's birthday party Patty Smith 2004_1218_helonise_015.jpg

Christmas at Sherri and Gary's

Helton's 2004 Birthday in Brazil September 2004

Patty Madden Smith Shows up

Helenice Arrives in New York with Nieces Thaissa and Thacila, December 2004

Pinning Ceremony


Olga hugs toby Lore Heloisa and Helton at Johns Street
Justin Pinning at U of Wisconsin La Crosse

Twin Doris Grams Madden visits family in Wisconsin in July 2004 Updated!

Olga and Heloisa and Toby 2004-06-19

2004-05-22 John Street with Heloisa

Norma's 2004 Birthday and family Get together

Erv Goller at the Dells Mill in Augusta

Olga a Heloisa's 2004 Christmas dinner

Dennis and Sherri visit Augusta Wisconsin

2004-03-26 Norma Wheeler Birthday Party by the Grams Family

Erv at the Dells Mill October 2004

2004-12-24 Christmas At Heloisa.  The sweetest strawberries ever.  And Olga too

2004-12-26  Day after Christmas on the Dells Pond in Augusta Wisconsin

Nathan and Kelly get married - 2004 - index of all wedding photos

Rosie gets ready to set the hair of the bride to be

Nathan and Kelly rehearsal and after-party

Praying at the candles

Wedding table at the reception

Kelly getting hair done

Wedding Rehearsal in Mondovi and after-party in Durand

Wedding Day

Don B's Perspective of the Wedding

2005 year


Squinting in the mountain sunshine after a new snow

Papa Nathan with baby Jared

Wisconsin Map of Norma's Visit


Jared's First Christmas.  Christmas in the Brand New House

A Weekend in the Poconos February 2005

Jared arrives in the family, August 2005

 Norma's Trip Map to Wisconsin


Norma the Brazilian in Durand Wisconsin


Halloween Window

2005 Halloween


Norma's Trip to Wisconsin The Old Bridge in Durand


New York Halloween 2005

2005-10-31 Jared and Kelsey 1st Halloween

January 22 2005 Helenice Norma and Heloisa



Helenice Snowy Birthday Party - Jan 22 2005

2005-12-09 Mira's Birthday Party

Sherri and Gary's first Christmas in their Brand New House


Julia and Justin Get Married - 2005-  index of all wedding photos

Brides Mother and Grooms Mother Join in the Fun Roses and flowers Parents  

Julia's Bachelorette Party in Chicago, July 10, 2005

The Flowers at the wedding of Justin and Julia

Family at the Reception in Minocqua Wisconsin


Wedding Court Church photos Practicing Vows at the Church  
The formal reception and the Wedding Court Church photos of Justin and Julia's Wedding

The Wedding Rehearsal in Minocqua 2005-08-05

Rehearsal party Justin and Julia just got married in 2005

Jell-O shots at the Parents Party 2005-08-05.  The rehearsal afterparty

2005-08-07 Miscellaneous pictures after Justin and Julia's Wedding Just Married Miscellaneous Photos


2006 Year

On Deck


Flowering Tree

Gary and Sherri

Sherri's Mexico Trip March 23 through March 27
Part 1

Mexico March 27 2006 Part 2

Gary and Sherri trip south of the border to Mexico March 28  part 3

March 28, 29 and 30 Mexico Part 4

Mucio visits Wisconsin Muscio in Germany Mucio and Helton at a Czech Republic Cafe in 2006  

Mucio Lagas visits Wisconsin with Helton and Dennis, September 2006

Muscio and Helton Visit Germany, September 2006

Helton and Muscio in the Czech Republic in 2006


Sherri Kelly Jared Camping June 30 2006

Jared and Ghosts on Halloween


Christmas 2006 with Sherri and Gary

Celebrating Jared's first birthday and the Wisconsin Summertime July 2006

Autumn 2007.  Fall on the Farm with the Family. Sept, Oct, Nov


Christmas 2006 with Sherri and Gary

2007 Year

Tulips on Mothers Day for Sherri. Remembering 2007 with trepidation and joy. 2007 was the last year of extended prosperity before the great recession began .  Home town and parades and flowers

Muscio and Helton in 2007 Main Street Helton Sherri and Justin Impatiens flowering

Muscio in New York November 2007.  Sunsets and Visitors

Coisa Um's home town October 2007

The Grand Parade at Bean and Bacon Days July 1, 2007

Sherri's House and Flowers September 2007

Dennis Sherri Kelly Kelsey Great Grandpa John Jared and Nathan at Sherris Christmas 2007 Olga and Helonice Birthday Touring Chicago Durand Days 2008
A full month of Christmas 2007 at Gary and Sherri's Olga and Helenice celebrate there 2007 Birthday, January 19 Sherri and Gary Tour Chicago and hit the horse Track. Sept 2007 June 9 2007 Durand Days
Tulips and Iris Sunset Sherri and Gay Visit St Louis 2007 Sherri and Gary Visit Kelli

Mother's Day 2007 for Sherri

The Best Place to be when it is hot.  Northern Wisconsin in the Summertime 2007-06-17 June

2007-08-27 Sherri and Gary in St Louis

Garry and Sherri Visit Kelli 2007-09-21

Nathan gets a deer and Jared bathes in the Sink Sherri s Bluebird 2007_03_20_emogene_01.jpg   Jared's second

Sherri's Photos September October and November 2007-09-00

Spring Time Photos on the Farm 2007-04-20

Emogene and Kitty Kitty Sherri's 2007-03-19

Jared's Second Birthday 2007-07

Mexico 2007

Elvis Sneer jared


Ed and Kaydi Visit the Farm

2008 Index Year

Jared with Halloween figures


Jared Kelsey and Family throughout 2008

2008_08_11_football_5.jpg 2008_08_30_chicagoandfootball_8.jpg

2008 Summer on the farm

Emogene Sherri and Dennis Christmas 2008 - Mom and her two kids

Sherri and Gary see the Green Bay Packers

Justin and Julia entertain Sherri and Gary in Chicago

Updated! 2008-07 July at the farm

2008 Christmas at the Saxes. A full month of Christmas. Updated

Hayden Christensen and Helton 2008_09_20_sherri_gary_stlouis_arch_13.jpg Mucio Mother's Day
Helton with Luke Skywalker, February 2008 2008-09-20 Gary and Sherri in St Louis Miscellaneous 2008 iPhone Photos for the full year

2008-05-18 Sherri gets flowers for Mother's Day

Surprised Christmas Cats Going to Church

Helton Knuth

Beth's Surprise Birthday Party 2008-11-29

Ed and Kaydi's Christmas Cats 2009

2008-01-06 Helton and Helenice on the way to Mass

Helton on Ice at the Dells Mill Pond in 2008 and Durand Sunsets.



Cold and snow after Christmas 2008

2009 Index of Photographs

Ed and Kaydi get Married - a July 4th Wedding

Bridal Shower Venue Father of the Bride and Grandson Ring Bearer Rehearsal Wedding Ceremony

Kaydi's Bridal Shower

Getting Fit for the Wedding

Kaydi and Ed's Wedding Rehearsal

Taking the Wedding Vows

Groomsmen Parking Lot Reception Bridal party and John Deer Formal Wedding Reception

Church Photos after the Wedding

Church Exit and Parking Lot Reception

Wedding Photos at Karen's Farm

Reception for Ed and Kaydi in Eau Claire

 Jared it 5 years old 2009_09_12_hbday_ines_camera_22.jpg Pictures by Rogerio


Jared's Birthday in 2009.  He was all of 5 years old

2009 Helton's Birthday at Cassidy's with Tarcisio and Ines by Ines Rogerio's pictures at Cassidy's of Helton's 2009 Birthday

Celebrating Helton's 2009 Birthday at Olga's by Ines

Jared's Christmas at the Arkansaw Grade School

Jared Visits Santa Claus 2009 - Video

Greek Easter At Olgas Halloween 2009 J and K playing

The Turkey Makes its Debut

Orthodox Easter 2009 at Olga's

2009-10-31 Halloween at Gary and Sherri's

Kelsey and Jared June 2009 just before the big wedding

Thanksgiving Hosted by Heloisa in 2009

Pumpkin Patch and Halloween

Christmas gifts for Kelsey and Jared

Family Christmas 2009

Christmas Morning with Jared and Kelsey in 2009

 Durand Pumpkin patch in 2009

Jared and Kelsey get gifts at Kelly's Family

Christmas 2009 at Sherri and Gary's December 25, 2009

Updated!  Christmas Morning opening of presents 2009 at the Moore's


2009 Brazil Trip Index

We arrive in Brazil

Fish Restaurant Menu

Cross in Belo  

Belo Horizonte Street Festival

07-10-Arrival in Brazil

07-10 Fish-Restaurant

Du Du Takes us to the mountain Top


Belo Horizonte Dance Festival with Norma

The Chandelier at Mucio's Apartment

Sherri at the Hippie Festival


Mucio's Apartment

Day with Janine

Corcovado with Katia


Copacabana with Muscio

Gary's reflection in the mirror


Down the mountain from the Christ

Mucio's Sister's Apartment in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Katia Takes Tourists to Sugar Loaf


Breakfast with Muscio


Ipanema with Sherri and Gary

Katia Shows Us Barra

Bus Trip from Belo Hoizonte to Oliveira



A coffee farm in Minas Gerais state

Galo soccer game in Belo Horizonte Brazil


Maria Lena's House Tour

Visiting a farm in Brasil

Soccer Game in Belo Horizonte


Brazil 2009 Liberty Square With Janine


Vicentina and her messengers for her 80th birthday

Party Night in Belo Horizonte

Vicentina's 80th Birthday Party

Vicentina's 80th Party Flowers


Birthday Messengers


Vicentina's 80th Birthday Party Night


Last Day in Brazil at Vicentina's


End of our Brazil Trip


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