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Kaydi's Christmas Cats all dressed up for the Christmas Holidays

Christmas Cats dressed up as Santas and Reindeer

December 24, 2009

2009-12-24-Kaydi-Xmas-Cats (37 images) Click a picture to see a larger view.
Christmas Cats of Kaydi and Ed Fattmann
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Reindeer cat Christmas Cats 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_003.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_004.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_005.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_006.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_007.jpg Pedestal Cate 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_009.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_010.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_011.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_012.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_013.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_014.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_015.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_016.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_017.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_018.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_019.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_020.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_021.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_022.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_023.jpg Tree placing 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_025.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_026.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_027.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_028.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_029.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_030.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_031.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_032.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_033.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_034.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_035.jpg 2009_12_24_xmas_cats_036.jpg Cat tree

Everyone loves Kats at Khristmas

These cats are from Missouri.  The cats seemed to enjoy being dress up, or at least they didn't seem to mind.   They had fun with it and we did too

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Photographed by Kaydi with her Olympus FE330,X845,C550