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CoisaCoisa 2007 Photos Index

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Remembering 2007 with trepidation and joy. 2007 was the last year of extended prosperity before the great recession began

Olga's 88th Birthday Party Opening Gifts 2007_03_20_Emogene_01.jpg Sherri s Bluebird
2007-01-19 Olga's Birthday and Helenice's 50th
Jared does his Elvis Sneer and Kaydi and Ed Visit - January into February 2007 2007-03-19 Grandma Emogene and Kitty

Spring Time Photos on the Farm 2007-04-20


Kelsey Jared and Grandma Sherri April 2007 Sherri with Mother's Day Card and Flowers Raphael Graduation from Airline School

Durand Days 2007 with Kelsey and Jared

2007-04-30 Sherri and Jared Mothers Day for Sherri 2007 with Jared Nathan Justin and Julia 2007-06-02 Raphael's Graduation at Olga's

2007-06-09 Durand Days with Jared and Kelsey


Dennis and Sherri Photographing


Jared's 2007 Birthday with Helton Dennis and Friends


Sherri's house

Main Street

2007-06-17 Farm, Family and Farm Scenes and Sunsets. June in Wisconsin

2007-06-30 Jared's Early Birthday to Share with Helton and Dennis

Durand Flowers at Sherri's House

Coisa Um's home town

Dennis and Helton at Bean and Bacon Days Justin and Julia in Mexico Sherri and Gary visit Kaydi and Ed in St Louis

Christmas 2007 on the Durand Farm

Updated! 2007-07-01 Augusta Bean and Bacon Days with Helton, Julia and Justin 2007-07-00 Julia and Justin's Mexico Cruise with Julia's Family 2007-08-27 Sherri and Gary to St. Louis to Visit the Kaydi and Ed

2007 Saxes Christmas.  A month long holiday. Updated!

Chicago with Sherri Donadean and Gary in 2007 Sherri and Gary Visit Kelli

Nathan gets a deer and Jared bathes in the Sink

New York visitors

2007-09-15 Sherri and Gary in Chicago 2007-09-21 Sherri and Gary visit Kelli

2007-09-00 Sherri's Photos in Sept, Oct, Nov - Halloween, Nathan gets a deer and Jared bathes in the Sink

2007-11-05 New York Visitors at Helton's and New York Sunsets and Mucio

The year 2007 was a joy but late in the year we began to see the economic downfall that would lead to the great recession of 2008

If nothing else, it seemed to be the mood of the country

Dennis did some work for MRS, developing a web site that was not up to their satisfaction