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Coisa Coisa 2015 Photo and Video Index in the life and times of Coisacoisa.

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Brasil is on the Horizon for 2015 with Debbie Sharon Connor Helton Sherri Gary and Dennis.  The Special guest Tom!

Spending the New Year, the 2nd half of the decade, in Wisconsin and trips in the earlier part of the year in Brazil.  It was busy year

Emogene Helton and Debbie and Dennis Jewelry makers
First images of the year. Mom will be 90 years old in July of 2015.  She was born in 1922 Also see the 2014 index for photos at year end Brazilian Street fair in Belo Horizonte

Photos posted recently

Christmas December 26 2015

Decembeer 24th Eve at the Farm

  Janine Vitale Lucas in NY in 2015

December 26 2015 after Helton Arrives

2015 Christmas Night at the Farm - They didn't wait for Dennis 

The Great Blizzard of 2015.  New York and New England.  January 26 to January 28 2015.  The Chronology of the 2015 Great Snowstorm event

Janine in New York video after our visit to Brazil

Brazil 2015 Photos

View of Corcovado of Rio Brazian Engagement Party  

Brazil Trip Agenda - July 13 through July 26 2015
An anticipated itinerary with friends and family

July 18th 2015 Engagement Party in Belo Horizonte Brazil

  Beautiful front lawn of Maria Elenas House in Oliveira Touring Belo Horizonte Brazil in July 2015

Our 2015 Trip to Brasil. Index of all photos. Brazil Vacation with Sharon, Debbie, Connor, Dennis and Helton in July 2015. We visited Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Oliveira

Staying with Concinha and Heber in Oliveira Touring Belo Horizonte Brasil
Rio de Janeiro from Christ the Redeemer, Corcovado Party hostess gift of orchids Janine Vitale Lucas says hello video in 2015
Views of The Marvelous City from Corcovado Jose Maria and Maria Lucia invited us to party Janine Visits New York after our Trip to Brazil. Saying Hello video. about 30 seconds

Brazil 2015 Trip Videos

  Video slide show of Guigui's engagement Belo Horizonte 2015 thumb  

Slide show video of the Engagement Guigui and Melise

Belo Horizonte Slide show of our 2015 trip with Sharon, Debbie, Connor, Helton and Dennis


A trip of a lifetime to Brazil with Sharon, Debbie, Connor, Helton and Dennis.  Guests from Eau Claire Wisconsin and New York were hosted by very gracious Brazilians

Sherri and Kelsey Visit New York

NewYorkPass 2015 The Statue of Libery King Kong
Sherri and Kelsey visit New York City with The New York Pass Visiting The Statue of Liberty Monument Visiting Madame Tussaud's
Selfie in a New York theatre The Electro Spin Central Park and 432 Park from the Empire State
A Musical in New York with Sherri and Kelsey Riding the Luna Park and Coney Island Amusement Park rides Views from the Empire State
The United Nations Buildings 432 Park Avenue Residential Pencil Skyscraper Toreados at Cafe Frita
Best of New York cruise on the Circle Line Viewing New York from the Top of the Rock Central Park and Cafe Frita Mexican Restaurant
Wading in the Waves Towers of Light World Trade Horzontal thumb  
An August 2015 Beach Day and a visit with Olga Tower of Light Tribute at the World Trade Center 9/11 2015  

[ We lived though 5 or more of the Great New York Blizzards ]
2015 is one predicted but it didn't happen

Dennis and Helton Family photographs and travels throughout the year of 2015

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