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CoisaCoisa 2014s Photos Index

Photos, Videos and Activities of Coisa Um and Coisa Dois in 2014. Dennis and Helton have a good year and lots of company

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Grandma Sherri Brings Jared and Kelsey to New York.  Justin Julia, Colin and Gavin meet us for a Sunday in New York.

Tom and Abby from Augusta Wisconsin pay us a visit in New York. It was a gift from Grandpa Tom for Abby's sixteenth birthday.  Abby wanted to see Carlo's Bakery in New Jersey but soon forgot about as the wonders of New York City took hold

We lost our dear friend Ruth Sandra Pellmann on May 5, 2014.  See our remembrances

Dennis and Helton      

Olga takes us to Buhari Restaurant for a treat in April

Tom and Abby visit Dennis and Helton in June



2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_017.jpg Cinderella Playbill 2014 Wisconsonites on the beach Visiting Times Square

Grandma Sherri brings Kelsey and Jared to NYC in 2014 Full index of all days

Broadway with Sherri Jared and Kelsey 2014-09-18

Sherri Jared Dennis and Kelsey on the Beach 2014-09-18

Sherri Jared Kelsey visit Time Square 2014-09-19 And Helton's Office

Family in New York City hall park fountain FAO Schwarz toy store Emhurst Blossoms

Justin and Julia Join Sherri Jared and Kelsey in New York 2014-09-20

Brooklyn Bridge, City Hall Park Sherri Jared and Kelsey in New York 2014-09-21

Central Park and a Toy Store 2014-09-22

Miscellaneous Spring Time from Heltons Phone April 2014


Santa's Elf Dennis Celebrating Chrismas In Durand Wisconsin 2014 Nancy Guse to remember  
Windows Phone photos at year end Christmas Day on the Durand Farm with Sherri and Gary and Family

Remembering Nancy Randall Guse.  DoD 8 11 2014. Links to Nancy Guse Photos

Olga and Helton Giant and a Midget     Raphael and Helton Brasil first win world cup 2014 20 degrees below zero in Wisconsin
Olga Treats us to a Greek Dinner July 7 2014 - Olga Look UP With Video Miscellaneous November photos. The Tall and Short of It Video of Helton Celebrating Brazil's Win.  A very good win but a terrible year in Brazilian soccer history.  They lost by 7 to 1 Crystal Clear Wisconsin Winter in January at 20 below zero
2014_01_02_farm_0209.jpg 2014_04_27_neighborhood_windowsphone_007.jpg Yankees with Justin Colin and Dennis Cassidy's Ale House
2014-01-02 Frigid Wisconsin Farms with a visit of Dennis and Helton Spring 2014 Photos taken with Heltons Nokia 521 Windows Phone

2014-04-26 Justin Colin and Dennis Yankees

2014-05-25 Memorial Day at Cassidy's
Dennis Colin and Justin at the Yankees Statue ripoff New York City Tom and Abby 2014_06_12_abbey_and_tom_day_2_new_york_0021.jpg 2014_06_14_12_39_52___00020001.jpg
Holiday Season Visit by Dennis and Helton - December 2013 and early 2014 Tom and Abbey in New York June 11 - Day 1 Day 2 in New York for Abbey and Tom with Carlos Bakery Highlight. Day 3 AND 4 in New York.  Double Deck Bus and Shopping

Videos in 2014 - Abbey and Tom in New York

Video of Tom and Abbey in New York Day 1 Thumb Abbey and Tom in New York Day 2 Video Abbey and Tom in New York Day 3 and 4 Video  
Video of Day 1 of Tom and Abbey in New York June 2014 Slide Show Abbey and Tom to Carlos Bakery in New Jersey Slide Show Day 2

Abbey and Tom in NY Day 3 and 4 Slide Show Video


Videos - Kelsey and Sherri in New York

911 Memorial World Trade Center Video Justin at the Memorial Feeding Seagulls at Riis Park  Barefeet on the Beach 

911 World Trade Center Memorial Video from 2014

Video of Justin at the Trade Center Memorial

Feeding Seagulls Video at Riis Park

Barefoot Feet on the Beach Video September 2014

Turtles in Central Park Zoo  A Staten Island Ferry Ride with a gun boat following on September 21     

Video of Turtles on the gem pond in Central Park Zoo

Video Ride on the Staten Island Ferry.  Gunboats follow us on September 21 2014



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