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Frigid January Days in 2014.  Wisconsin farm beauty in the cold

Durand and Augusta Wisconsin Temperatures at -20, 20 below zero

January 2, 2014

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2014_01_02_farm_0193.jpg criss cross 2014_01_02_farm_0195.jpg 2014_01_02_farm_0196.jpg Sunset
2014_01_02_farm_0198.jpg 2014_01_02_farm_0199.jpg 2014_01_02_farm_0200.jpg 2014_01_02_farm_0201.jpg 2014_01_02_farm_0202.jpg
Roadway sun Neighborhood sunset 2014_01_02_farm_0205.jpg 2014_01_02_farm_0206.jpg 2014_01_02_farm_0207.jpg
2014_01_02_farm_0208.jpg House between the trees 2014_01_02_farm_0210.jpg Tall pines 2014_01_02_farm_0212.jpg
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2014_01_02_farm_0213.jpg Storage shed 2014_01_05_knuth_farml_0002.jpg 2014_01_05_knuth_farml_0003.jpg 2014_01_05_knuth_farml_0004.jpg
    Wisconsin Farm in winter    
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Record setting cold brought frequent clear skies and Winter Wisconsin beauty

Record setting cold, it was cold for most of the full month of December 2013 and well into January 2014 before temperatures returned to normal.   Local schools were closed several days during the period because of wind chill temperatures of -30 to -40, that's thirty below zero to forty below zero, Fahrenheit.  Celsius temperatures are similar at these temperatures

Durand Wisconsin Farm Winter Panorama

A Durand Wisconsin Farm Winter Panorama

Augusta Wisconsin Farm Winter Panorama

Augusta Wisconsin Farm Winter Panorama

This is the farm I grew up on.  It is a typical Wisconsin family dairy farm early in the 21st Century.  These family dairy farms are disappearing and being replaced by factory dairy farms

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Photographs take with a Canon PowerShot SX50 HS camera