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Justin and Julia Get Married, Mira's Birthday Party, Norma Visits Wisconsin. Coisa Coisa 2005 Photo and Video Index

Helenice arrives in New York. Justin and Julia Get Married Coisa Coisa 2005 Photo and Video Index.  Jared arrives in the family

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Remembering 2005 with trepidation and joy. 2005 was the the year that was


Helenice and Heloisa at the 2005 Birthday Party


Poconos Weekend 2005

Wisconsin Map of Norma's Visit

Norma in Wisconsin

Updated! Heloisa and Helenice, sisters, in a big Birthday Hug.  The January 2005 Snowy Birthday Party

2005-02-27 Pocono Mountains Weekend

 Norma's Trip Map to Wisconsin

Norma's Trip to Wisconsin visiting Durand, Minocqua, Alma in Wisconsin and Wabasha Minnesota.  The Old Bridge in Durand

Papa Nathan with baby Jared


Halloween Window

Jared arrives in the family, August 2005


New York Halloween 2005

2005 Halloween

Maria Theresa, Myras, Heloisa, Helenice in 2009



2005-10-31 Jared and Kelsey 1st Halloween

December 2005 Mira's celebrate the Holidays, Birthday and Everything party

Christmas Season 2005 with the Cats, the Saxes and the Moore's.  Jared's First Christmas

Sherri and Gary's first Christmas in their Brand New House

Index of Justin and Julia's Wedding 2005, August 6

Justin and Julia Marry

2005_07_10_julias_bachlorette_21.jpg Flowers and Favors Family  

Julia's Bachlorette Party, Chicago, July 10, 2005

Julia' Beautiful Wedding; Flowers and Favors

Guests and Family at the Reception

Wedding Court Justin and Julia at the altar Practicing Vows at the Church  
Wedding Court at the formal Reception Justin and Julia's 2005 Wedding Church Photos

The Wedding Rehearsal in Minocqua 2005-08-05

Rehearsal party The Bride, Kelly and Kelsey and new born Jared    

Jello shots at the Parents Rehearsal AfterParty 2005-08-05

2005-08-07 Miscellaneous pictures after Justin and Julia's Wedding Just Married Miscellaneous Photos


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