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Views of the World Trade Centers from Queens New York

Reality and imagination on the World Trade Center, and it's Freedom Tower Replacement.

Sunset and Day light views from 1999 to 2015

Before 9/11 and Collapse and the New Trade Center in Manhattan.  Photographs and Videos of the Memorial and the New Freedom Tower in Downtown Manhattan

Sunset with the World Trade Centers Views of the World Trade Centers and the Freedom Tower From Queens. The New York Skyline from an apartment Window.  The collapse and resurrection of a the Manhattan skyline Sunset with the Freedom Tower
Sunset at the World Trade Center The New Tower in up and in use Sunset at the Freedom Tower
Image available for download

Click a picture to see a larger view.  See a Video of the World Trade Center Slide Show of the Photos too
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911 memorial videoSee the 911 Memorial Video

Sunset without the World Trade Centers WTC June 2001 from Queens wtc_2001_0621.jpg wtc_1999_1112b.jpg wtc_1999_1109a.jpg wtc_1999_1109b.jpg wtc_1999_1109c.jpg wtc_1999_1109d.jpg Winter Sunset on the World Trade Center Twin Towers wtc_1999_1111b.jpg wtc_2000_1216_02.jpg Sunset with the World Trade Centers wtc_2000_1231a.jpg wtc_2001_0101.jpg wtc_2000_1231b.jpg wtc_2001_01_28b.jpg wtc_2001_0128c.jpg Word Trade Center from Battery Park wtc_2001_0911_855_am_a.jpg wtc_2001_0911_905_am.jpg wtc_2001_0911_906_am.jpg wtc_2001_0911_zcolapse01.jpg The Collapse of the World Trade Centers from Queens wtc_2001_0911_zcolapse02a.jpg wtc_2001_0911_ztheend.jpg Clouds over Queens New York with view of downtown Manhattan wtc_2000_1231.jpg Design suggested in 2003 to replace the twin Towers Hash Tag Structure to replace the World Trade Center in 2003 wtc_2003_0201_posibilitiesc.jpg wtc_2003_0201_posibilitiesd.jpg wtc_2003_0201_posibilitiese.jpg wtc_2003_0201_posibilitiesf.jpg Fantasy Proposed replacement for the World Trade Center in NYC View from Dennis Knuth's Window in 2012 April 2013 Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower Panorama

Towers of Light Tribute on 9/11/2015.  The 14th anniversary of the attach on the World Trade Center

Towers of light World Trade Centers thumb Towers of Light World Trade Horzontal thumb
The halo approaches the Tower of Light Tribute on September 11th 2015 An amazing Halo around the Towers of Light Tribute on the 14th Anniversary of 9/11 - 2015

Pictures out my window.  There terrorist attach of 9/11 2001 and as the years pass by

It is a document of sites of the city from Queens to Manhattan.

Remembering New York in September 2001 and before and after.  Out the window snap shows spreading over more that 17 years.  New York and the Manhattan views.

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Photographs with a Hewlett-Packard HP PhotoSmart 215 and other various digital cameras