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Augusta Wisconsin and Area

Vintage and contemporary photographs of Home town and a place to play and relax

Click on any photo to see them full size and to scroll through them all

Click here for Views of the Dells Mills Museum views from the Dells Pond
August 2003

This was my home town.  I was born at Sacred Heart hospital in Eau Claire but spent my life in Augusta.  From the third day after my birth to my 19th year.  I grew through bible school, grade school, catechism, cub scouts, 4H and high school to age of majority

Main street in Augusta 1874 thumbnail thumb 1907 Photo of Augusta Wisconsin thumb Post Card of Augusta Wisconsin Greeting from Augusta Bean and Bacon days parade 2000 thumbnail
Augusta Lincoln Street c. 1874
(Main Street)
c. 1907

c. 1956.  Download it to see high resolution

The Woodshed on Main Street Augusta Wisconsin on a 20th Century Winters Day July street theme thumb Thumb Winter Moonrise over a Wisconsin Farm  Winter Scene
Wood Shed On Main December 2000 July 2001 Augusta Area Farm in December 1999
Thumb Dusk on a dairy farm Thumb Dairy farm in Eau Claire Country near Augusta Wisconsin Thumb Farm near Augusta Wisconsin Thumbs/tn_Dells_Pond_2002_0704.jpg
Augusta Area Farm in December 2003
Augusta Area Farm in July 2000
Augusta Area Farm in July 2000
Dells Mill Pond July 2002
Thumb Winter in Wisconsin on a snowy day Thumb Spring Green at the Dells in Wisconsin thumb Augusta Wisconsin spring at the Dells Mill and dam Part of the dam and spring green
Augusta Neighborhood
Dawn of a New Century
January 1, 2000
Dells Mill Museum
and Pond May 2001
thumb Augusta Wi Dells Mill and Dam during Springtime Dells Mill Flood thumb Glassy pond of the Dells Mill thumb A view of Augusta Wisconsin from space thumbnail
  Springtime at the Wisconsin Dells Mill High springtime waster in 2003 Augusta Area from Satellite
Thumb Summertime at the Dells Dam and Pond in Augusta Black and White photo of the Wisconsni Dells Mill thumb Thumb Dells Mill in black and white Dells School used until 1958
  Dells Mill, Date and Photographer
Dells Mill Pond July in the 1950s Dells School 2003 - Founded 1866 and Used Until 1958
Thumb Dells School sign says it was build in 1866 Ancient rural school The school bell on the the one room school house thumb Dells Mill and Dam in Augusta Wisconsin late summer


  Algae and green on the Dells Mill in the late summer

The school bell on the the one room school house

Dells Mill School Belfry Augusta Georgia School Built in 1873 thumb Thumb 1873 Dells School part of the Dells Mill Museum
      Note each end of the school has a different founding date
Dells Mill from the Pond including the Dells Mill bridge over Bridgecreek Panorama of the Wisconsin Dells Mill in Spring thumb Ring the Rural School bell for opening, lunch and closing  
The Dells Mill from the Pond Spring time panorama    

Augusta Wisconsin is Seemingly Unchanged by Time

It's was a great place to grow up and it still is but this is the way Wisconsin used to be

The Dells School, A rural school, was used until 1958

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Photos by Dennis in Augusta Wisconsin or assembled from historical archives by him