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CoisaCoisa 2006 Photos Index

Events of 2006 in Photos, Videos and text on Dennis Occasional Pages. CoisaCoisa. Coisa um and Coisa dois 2006

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Muscio in Wisconsn

Mucio and Helton at a Czech Republic Cafe in 2006 Bathing in the Sink Helton took a trip with Mucio Lagas to Germany in 2006
Mucio in Wisconsin in September 2006

Helton and Muscio in the Czech Republic in 2006

Taking a sink bath and other fall 2006 photos Germany welcomes Muscio and Helton
On Deck Beach Flowering Tree Gary and Sherri

Sherri's Mexico Trip March 23 through March 27
Part 1

Mexico March 27 2006 Part 2

Gary and Sherri trip south of the border to Mexico March 28  part 3

March 28 Mexico Part 4
Sherri Kelly Jared Camping June 30 2006 Jared and Ghosts on Halloween 2006_1220_jared_santa_02.jpg  
July at Sherri's.  Celebrating the Wisconsin summer from late June through early Augusta.  Celebrating Jared's first birthday and the Wisconsin Summertime Autumn 2007.  Fall on the Farm with the Family Christmas 2006 with Sherri and Gary  


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