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CoisaCoisa 2010 Photo and Videos Index

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Elmhurst NY

Hayden Christensen and Helton 2010_05_01_olgas_cadillac_006.jpg 2010_07_28_coliin_moore_birth_bday_42.jpg

Snow Storm in Elmhurst February 26 2010

Helton with Hayden Christensen and Visit to Stella with Olga and Toby Updated! Olga and her beautiful Car May 2010 Updated! Colin gets Welcomed to the World

New Grandson and Great Grandson Colin

New York 2010_11_00_ines_tarcisio_nyc_13.jpg 

Colin gets welcomed to his Dad's side of the family

Sherri and Sally visit Dennis and Helton in New York in September 2010 Tarcisio and Ines Visit New York at Thanksgiving Time in 2010 Concinha and Lisette Visit New York Christmas 2010 - Part 1
Christmas Party at 81-11 45th Avenue in Elmhurst New York 2010 Blizzard  

1997 Subaru Impreza

Concinha and Lisette Visit New York Christmas 2010 - Part 2, 2010-12-19 Holiday Blizzard in New York - December 26 2010  

2010 Photo of Helton's Car's.  The 1997 Subaru Impreza

2010 Videos

July 2010 Dennis in Wisconsin Video Video of Dennis in Wisconsin Jared Bday 2010 Video Jared's Birthday 2010 Video
July 2010 Sherri and Gary's Farm Oriole thumb of sherri oriole video September 2010 Sherri and Sally in Astoria Park Astoria Park Video
On the Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Bridge Hike Video Central Park Jazz Jazz in Central Park
Central Park Delacorte Clock.  Chimes for adults and music for everyone Central Park Delecorte Clock Last Day in Central Park
Birds in the Boat Basin
Last Day in Central Park
Last day in Queens
Sherri and Sally are ready to go back to work and back to Wisconsin
View of Manhattan Video Sherri and Sally beach day at Riis Park.  Don't Say it! Jacob Riis Park in Rockaway Queens
At Rockefeller Center Rockefeller Center NYC At World Trade Freedom Tower  Freedom Tower Trade Center Abuilding
At the Central Park Zoo Central Park Zoo Seals Circle Line Video Circle Line
Sherry and Sally's New York Trip Video Slide Show of all photos Video Slide Show Slide show Video of Thanksgiving in New York with Tarcisio and Ines 2010 Autumn Leaves Slide Show
December 26 2010 New York Video Blizzard Video of New York Blizzard 2010 Helton in the Kitchen Video Video of Helton in the new kitchen 
Video Slide Show of Concinha and Lisete in New York Part 1 Liset and Conchina In NY Lisette and Concinha New York Slide Show Part 2 December 2010 Lisete and Concinha New York Xmas on 5th Avenue

Photos and Videos for 2010 taken of family and friends in New York, Brazil and Wisconsin. Join us for enjoyment of and in our lives

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