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Lisette and Concinha in New York Christmas December 2010 for the holidays

Bouncing around on December 16 2010, Dennis Birthday. These pages are in Lisette's memory

Lisette and Concinha in NY December 12-19 2010 Part 1

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Liset and Conchina In NY Lisete and Concinha New York Xmas on 5th Avenue

December Slide Show Part 1
December 12 - 16

 December Slide Show Part 2
December 17-19

  Landing at Liberty National Airport in Newark Handball court in Elmhurst New York 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_027.jpg 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_028.jpg Lisette, Helton and Concinha hug 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_030.jpg Dennis Knuth hugs Lisette and Concinha on his birthday Best friends Lisette and Concinha in New York for the Christmas Holidays 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_033.jpg 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_034.jpg 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_035.jpg 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_036.jpg Brother and Sister Helton and Helenice 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_039.jpg 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_040.jpg Not Feeling Well Lisette 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_042.jpg 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_043.jpg Lisette Celebrating Dennis Birthday Concinha, Lisette and Dennis Knuth on his birthday 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_004.jpg 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_005.jpg In Helton's Kitchen 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_007.jpg Concinha with Macy's Christmas tree 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_045.jpg Concinha in Macy's at Christmas time 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_046.jpg Vender test on Herald Square with Concinha and Lisette Brazilians in Herald Square at Christmas 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_048.jpg Columbus Circle decoration with Conciniha and Helton 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_049.jpg 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_050.jpg 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_051.jpg Lisette is amused by the garment 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_053.jpg 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_013.jpg Shoppers in front of the public library 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_015.jpg Experience Rockefeller tre at Christmas Angels in Rockefeller Center Channel Gardens Concinha with the angels 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_019.jpg 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_020.jpg 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_021.jpg 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_022.jpg 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_054.jpg 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_055.jpg 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_056.jpg Lisette Dream Scene 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_058.jpg Lisette in front of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_060.jpg 2010_12_16_lisete_concinha_ny_061.jpg A Dennis birthday toast of the photographer

Concinha and Lisette help celebrate the Christmas season and Dennis's Birthday

The Christmas Holiday Season in New York is the Best Time for the Year.  The city is full of tourists.  Hotel occupancy is 100 percent and Brazils friends get to stay with Dennis and Helton.  We had a great time.  It is wonderful to show off New York City with Guests 

holiday, Lisette, dream, Christmas, birthday, New York, guests, Concinha, celebrate

These photographs were taken by Helton, Dennis and Concinha with Dennis's Fuji Film FinePix S1500 digital camera