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Trip to Brazil in 2009 with Sherri and Gary. Visiting Vicentina, Janine and other Friends in the Brazil state of Minas Gerais

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We arrive in Brazil

Fish Restaurant Menu

Mountain in Belo Horizonte
07-10 Arrive at Vicentina's in Belo Horizonte at about 11 am 07-10 Fish Restaurant Food at the end of the 1st day with Helder, Helenice, Viviane, Sherri, Gary, Helton and Dennis 07-11 Belo Horizonte Mountains with Du Du
Belo Horizonte Street Festival The central super market in Belo Horizonte

Sherri at the Hippie Festival

Fork Dancers at 07-11 Street Fest with Norma

07-11 Market at Mucio's Apartment and trip to the Market 07-12 Street Fair and Lunch with Janine and Janine's Apartment
The side walk at Rio De Janiero Copacabana Beach

The Christ at Corcovado

Sugar Loaf mountain in Rio de Janeiro
07-13 - Rio De Janiero Copacabana Beach with Mucio. Updated

07-14 Rio Christ Corcovado with Khatia

07-13 Sugar Loaf with Khatia
Relaxing at Vera's Apartment with Mucio Sherri and Dennis at a Rio cafe The Views from Ipaname beach
End of the day at 07-13 Vera's apartment with Mucio 07-14 Rio Breakfast with Mucio at Eclipse Updated! On the Beach at 07-14 Rio Ipanama
A favela of Rio de Janeiro Getting ready to take the bus Ines takes us on a tour of Oliveira
With Khatia to 07-14 Rio Barra Bus Trip from Belo Horizonte to 07-15 Oliveira with a stop at another small town called Carnopolas de Minas. Updated 07-15  Ines Meets Us and shows us Helton's Home town
A luxury house in Oliveira

A coffee farm in Minas Gerais state

Passion at a Belo Horizonte Soccer Game
07-15 Maria Lena's Guest / Beach House and Home

07-15 Coffee Farm of Maria Lena's Sister and Shown by Ines (after a wild ride)

The Brazil National Passion 07-16 Soccer Game
Liberty Square in Belo Horizonte Helton plays the dwarf at Vicentina's part 80th Birthday part of Vicentina
Belo Horizonte 07-17 BH Liberty Sq w Janine 07-17  Night.  Helton is a soccer dwarf Vincentina's 80th Day 07-18 Party Day
Flowers for the 80th Birthday Kings messengers proclaim Vicentina Party Night
Vincentina's Birthday 07-18 BDay Flowers 07-18 King Messengers bring an 80th Proclamation 07-18 Party Night The Party's Over but no one wants to be a party pooper
Churrascaria in Belo Horizonte Goodbye on the last day in Brasil Heading baci to the USA via the Belo Horizonte Airport
Churrascaria with Helvio, Alfa, Thacila, Thaissa, Gary, Sherri, Helton, Dennis. 07-19 Lunch The last Day In Brazil 07-20 House Goodbye. Updated! 07-20 to The Airport with Thacila