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Katia shows us to Sugar Loaf Mountain at the end of the Day in Rio de Janeiro. Our personal tour guide

Touring Sugar Loaf, she was our gracious host for three days in the Beautiful City

July 13, 2009

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Tourists at Red Beach American guests Katia with guests Stollers Beach walkway Walk Worshipping the Sun Open Ocean First step to the top Cable car Palm tree on sugar loaf Plaza Statue The last picture Figures on the statue Honoring the dead Rock climbers Sheer mountain face Military and mountain Gary and a statue Rescue canons Celebrating a war victory Dennis Statue Red beach View during the ascent Helton hangs on Sugar Loaf pedestrian landing Helicopter pad Helicoptor passes by Rio between Corcovada and Sugar Loaf Cocovada seen Square pants Fence hold tourist safe Expensive neighborhood Gary and Dennis Dennis Sheer cliff Ferry Park information Father Island Clubs on the bay Rio Rocks on the Atlantic grass at the top Airport Monkey eyes show back Bamboo Island in the Atlantic Dennis and Sherri on Pão de Açúcar Looking straight down Down and up cable cars Bay in the background Rid de Janeiro perspective Rio at neight from Sugar Loaf Poor focus Dusk descended Bay in the night time Sugar Loaf wheel house Out of focus Going up Landing on Sugar Loaf

Katia spent the whole day with us then took us to Barra the next day

We started out the day on Corcovada, had lunch with Katia and then off to Sugar Loaf.  Katia helped us take the photos, and went with us to all of the attractions.

The got to Sugar loaf after 3 pm.  Helton and Gary were terrified taking the cable car up the mountain.  We enjoyed the view so long we stayed into the night, closing time.  We "lost" Katia for a while, she had decended the mountain thinking we had too.  We searched the two levels of the attraction for over an hours before we "found" Katia.

Sherri had the most enjoyable time chasing the monkeys around the highest lever of Sugar Loaf. There is a postage stamp sized tropical forrest at the top

The cable car to the summit is in two stages.  The top most level has the best view but the lower level gave us an introduction to the beautiful city that is Rio de Janeiro

We enjoyed the beach, and the park at the foot of Sugar Loaf, Pão de Açúcar.  Literally bread (loaf) of sugar

The parking lot for the attraction is at Praia Vermelha, the Red Beach.  We lingered in the park by the mountains, watched mountain climbers scale the mountain and enjoyed the beach.  We were in Rio during its winter month of July and the wind on the beach made it too cool for swimming.

Katia is Muscio's neice. She and her boy friend stayed with us in New York a few years before we visit Brazil in 2009

Our tavel log in photos


Pão de Açúcar, Rio, guests, American, USA, Durand, Helton, Sugar Loaf, Dennis, Katia, Helton, Sherri

Photographed with Panasonic DMC-FZ7 digital and Canon PowerShot A1000 IS cameras