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Du Du takes us to the Mountain. Belo Horizonte means Beautiful Horizon in Portuguese

Visiting Belo Horizonte with Sherri and Gary

July 11, 2009

07-11-BH-Mountain-top-w-DuDu (22 images) Click a picture to see a larger view.

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Homes around the park Homes in Belo Horizonte Gary on a mountain in Brazil Park of the Cross in Belo Horizonte Brazil Just a tree around the park Wonder view of Bele Holizonte Brazil from the Mountain Palms Belo Horizonte Homes on the Mountain top Sherri says hello from Belo Brasil Taking a rest form the side hill in the park Sherri rests in the Belo Horizonte Mountain Park Discussing what to do next Dennis takes the picture with his cannon Gary and Sherri and Dudu and Dennis Clouds Tropical Clouds The square of the Cross Nut Vending Cart Holly Cross in Belo Eduardo and Gary The Square at the Top of the Mountain Totally great view of Belo Horizonte Brazil coisacoisa accident in a bottle sculpture

The mountain has a sweeping view of Belo Horizonte.  The location became famous worldwide when Pope John Paul visited the location in 1980

Its a for sure tourist stop when you visit Belo Horizonte in Brazil

The car in the liquor bottle reminds all that see it the Drunk Driving kills .  The Pope blessed this site and it became a prominent attraction in the city of Belo Horizonte.  Everyone should see it for the spectacular view

mountain, 2009, Belo, beautiful, Horizonte, horizon, Brazil, famous, view, Pope, 1980, Sherri, Gary, Dennis, Helton
Photographs with Dennis's Canon PowerShot A1000 IS digital camera