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The first night out to a Fish Restaurant in Belo Horizonte Brasil

Restaurante de peixe in portuguese

July 10, 2009

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Fish Restaurant Prices in Brazil Helenice smiles a whoe bunch Vivianne, Helenice's Daughter Helenice takes a joke The camera and Gary Dennis in an underexposed photo Sherri and Gary Toast the Trip Brazilian Ashtry

We arrived in Belo Horizonte on a sunny and warm day, July 2009.  It was winter time there so the temperatures in the 70's during the day and upper 50's at night were most welcome.

Helenice was not happy

We took a short nap in the afternoon of our arrival, unpacked a bit and showered.  Gary and Sherri wanted to go out to a local restaurant to experience the culture. Helton chose an inexpensive fish restaurant, out in the open air, on a slight slanted surface with a bumpy tar finish. The experience was terrific, the food was good

Helenice was annoyed that Helton took us to such a "low class" place

Fish Restaurant in Belo with Helder, Helenice, Helton, Vivianne, Dennis and Sherri and Gary

We want to go back to this place again. 


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