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Belo Horizonte celebrated folk dance in July. We were guests of Norma as members of the mayors requests.

Each dance troupe or clube (in Portuguese) danced to exhaustion for about 20 minutes

July 11, 2009

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Folk dancing with vigor Dance is the stage of life Belo Horizonte Dancers Twirl Crowds on the bleachers Wedding Folk Dance in Brazil The Brazilian folk dancers twirl with delight 2009_07_11_48.jpg 2009_07_11_49.jpg Multi colored Brazilian folk dresses Dance dance dance The stage and Belo Horizonte Dancers Wedding theme dancers in Belo Horizonte Bride swirling her skirt 2009_07_11_55.jpg 2009_07_11_56.jpg Vivid skirts Local News Videos in Belo Horizonte 2009_07_11_59.jpg Dennis with woman waiting Gary with waiting Woman 2009_07_11_62.jpg fancy costumes 2009_07_11_65.jpg Dressed in White 2009_07_11_67.jpg Sherri and the mayor of Belo Horizonte Balloon Moon Giant speakers at the folk dance The crowd at the folk dance festival Clapped our hands The marriage wagon in the dance The Bride Dancing Bride crown of Jewels 2009_07_11_76.jpg 2009_07_11_77.jpg Dancers below Performance platform 2009_07_11_81.jpg Stage performer after the dance competition 2009_07_11_84.jpg Sherr and dancer close up Sherri with a dancer 2009_07_11_87.jpg The tour group at the street dance festival 2009_07_11_89.jpg Moon over Belo Horizonte Brazil at night in July, Belo Horizonte

The performers danced with such vigor we were exhausted just watching time

We were hosted by the Mayors office for this cultural event.  There were so many excellent groups dance that it was hard to say which was best

We drank beer and partied on the Belo Horizonte mayor's platform


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