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Ipanema beach in The Beautiful City, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, with Sherri and Gary, Helton is the tour guide

It is Winter in Brazil and locals wonder why tourists love the beach so much because it is cold

July 14 2009

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Ipanema Beach in Brazil Palms and Mountains in Rio Uncrowded Ipenama 2009_07_14_176.jpg Helton Gary and Dennis Affluent neighborhood Warm Atlantic Ocean Two Brothers Mountains Duplicate Sherri and Gary Gary and Sherri on Ipanema Sea shells and the South End Backgroud of the north east end Having a beer Sand Castle built by experts

We stroll the beach for an hour and want to stay a lifetime

The beach in Rio is not crowded in July, it is the best time to go.  Local residents think of the Rio de Janeiro winter in July as too cold for swimming.  It's only in the 70's and low 80's for the sunniest part of the day.  Visitors from Durand Wisconsin think it is just about perfect.

Sherri wanted to stay but the rest of us wanted to move on because there was so much to see in our limited time there.  Reflecting, years later, the limited time in Rio was exactly why we should have stayed on Ipanema.  Rio has many wonderful things Ipanema should have got longer attention

The beauty of Rio de Janeiro, The Beautiful City, is at its most magnificent from Ipanema

The beaches are shared with all levels of society

We are going to go back.  Brazilian's say there are two kinds of people in Brasil: Carioca's and Paulista's.  Carioca's work to live and Paulista's live to work.  Rio de Janeiro is for the Carioca's.  We are one

Locals rarely take more than keys and a bit of money to the beach.  Expensive things are left at home because of marauding gangs from the favela's.  We took our camera's, jewelry and other desirable things with us not knowing any better

Nós vamos voltar. de brasileiros dizem que há dois tipos de pessoas no Brasil: Carioca de e paulistas. trabalho Cariocas para viver e paulistas vivem ao trabalho. Rio de Janeiro é para o Carioca de


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Ipanema in Rio photographs by Dennis with a Canon PowerShot A1000 IS