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Visiting Mucio Lagas at his apartment and taking a trip to the market in Belo Horizonte

Super market is super-mercado in Portuguese

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07-11-Mucio-Apt-and-Market (13 images) Click a picture to see a larger view.

The View From Mucio's Window Other apartments in Mucio's View Boulevard Window Parked Car View Mucio serves Breakfast The Chandelier at Mucio's Apartment On the Brazilian Street with Mucio Pet delivery van in Brazil with Disney Lady and the Tramp Characters A Street in Brazil Sherri and Muscio at the supermarket Gary at the Brazilian Supermarket Belo Horizonte Street Sign Belo Horizonte License Plat HKJ-6886

Mucio was a gracious host and friend. He would later meet us in Rio de Janeiro and share his sister's apartment with us

The sites and sound of the center of the City, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  Sherri frequently made photos representing the local identities and we are happy for it.  We see what the street signs, license plates and so on look like as we tour foreign lands


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Photographs with Dennis's Canon PowerShot A1000 IS and Canon PowerShot A80 digital cameras