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Celebrating family and guests from Wisconsin and New York in Belo Horizonte Brazil with Sherri Gary Helton and Dennis

Enjoying the hospitality of Vicentina and Family

July 17 2009

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Vicentina's cake Hello from Brasil Beautiful Vivianne Internet soccer on party night Guigui Vicentina texting Helenice as a dwarf Soccer fan Vivianne Helton as a dwarf

Helton mimics the dwarf from the crowd in the soccer stadium

The day was long and everyone had a need to relax. We had attended a soccer game the day before and toured all of the day leading up to the party.  Vicentina and her family were gracious hosts, serving delicious food. The American guests bought the beer and the party began

The night was probably the best time ever had by this site's author and other guests from Durand Wisconsin. 

The soccer stadium was full the night before.  We were several rows behind a dwarf who spent the entire game standing on his chair and cheering raucously, frequently jumping up and down to see the action over the crowd in front of him.  Helton had us rolling on the floor with his antics imitating the little person.

The family is split between being fans of Athletico (Galo, rooster in English) or Cruzeiro (Raposa, fox in English).  Part of the night was one team's fans shouting the other team's fans down.  We disturbed the whole neighborhood

Sherri and Gary from Durand Wisconsin get the best of Brazilian Hospitality

Vicentina's birthday is in July and she is surprized with a dancing birthday cake


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Photos by Dennis with a Canon PowerShot A1000 IS