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The full day in Brazil with an overnight at Mucio's sister's Apartment in Rio de Janeiro

Night time Conversation with Mucio Helton Dennis Sherri and Gary after a long long day

We were too tired to take intelligent pictures after the long day 

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Vera's Apt in Rio
Helton in the Mirror

A very tired Sherri and Helton

We were very tired after 18 hours touring Rio de Janeior

Gary's reflection in the mirror
Gary can be seen as very tired too

The entourage arrived in Rio de Janeiro by Bus from Belo Horizonte at about 6 am in the Morning on July 13.  Katia took everyone around the city for the full day, The Christ, Sugar loaf and around town

Exhaustion set in but everyone had a beer and talked into the night at Vera's apartment 

What a day and what marvels were seen

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, tired, Sherri, Gary, Dennis, Helton, Vera's, Apartment, Katia

American Flag Waving