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We toured around Oliveira with Ines our first stop was Maria Lena's House a family friend

Ines met us at the bus stop and off we were to tour parts of Minas Gerais, the Brazilian State

July 15, 2009

07-15-Oliveira-c-Maria-Lena-House (12 images) Click a picture to see a larger view.

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Maria Lena's front Yard 2009_07_15_oliveira_marialena_1.jpg 2009_07_15_oliveira_marialena_2.jpg 2009_07_15_oliveira_marialena_3.jpg 2009_07_15_oliveira_marialena_4.jpg 2009_07_15_oliveira_marialena_5.jpg 2009_07_15_oliveira_marialena_6.jpg 2009_07_15_oliveira_marialena_7.jpg 2009_07_15_oliveira_marialena_8.jpg Hammocks 2009_07_15_oliveira_marialena_10.jpg Dennis at Maria Lena's

Helton and Dennis are friends of Bruno, Maria Lena's son. She was a gracious host

We arrived the previous day and spent time driving around town town.  Dennis and Helton stayed with Ines and Gary and Sherri stayed with other friends.  Oliveira Brazil is a small town, Helton's family origiated in the town so we had many friends to see


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Photographed with a Canon PowerShot A1000 IS digital camera