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A tour of Corcovado in Rio Janeiro with Mucio's niece, Katia, . Helton, Dennis, Sherri and Gary see the sites, the beautiful city

on July 14, 2009

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Rio de Janeiro from the Clouds Dennis Knuth with Wisconsin cheese heads with Katia Christ the Redeemer Plaque of the monument A crowd and a view on Corcovado Helton at the Christ in July 2009 Sherri Gary and Helton with Sugarloaf in the background Panorama of Guanabara Bay montanha Pão de Açúcar The lagoon of Rodrigo de Freitas in Rio. Dennis and Katia under the umbrella Dennis and Katia at the Corcovado Cafe Helton Dennis and Kate at the Cafe Helton and Gary by massive tree roots Guanabara Bay from the Christ Katia gives a great tour for Gary Dennis and Sherri Copacabana beach from Corcovada Sherri and Gary overlooking Rio de Janeiro Chapel under Christ the Redeemer Statue in Brasil The river called Rio de Janeiro stretches off in the distance Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio with a view from Corcovado Atlantic Ocean view with Sherri and Gary The price of tickets to Corcovado park Sherri with and unknown Brazilian guide Ships in the Port of Rio de Janeiro The Beautiful Horizon of Rio de Janeiro View of Maracanã Soccer Stadium in Rio Crowd on an observation platform on Corcovado Zoom photo of Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio Corcovado crowd on a sunny day Looking down from Corcovado to the Rio's Atlantic Coastline Islands in the Atlantic Ocean as seen from Rio The lagoon near Ipenema Beach Race Track from Corcovada Ipenama from the mountain Umbrellas of Corcovado Cafe Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas photo Altar in the sanctuary Clouds on the ceiling 2009_07_14_christo_sanctuary_4.jpg Dangers in Corcovado park Futbol stadium in Rio Plaque about the monument The beautiful city with Sugar Loaf Mountain The city of Rio from Corcovado Umbrella gets in the way Guanabara Bay through the haze View of Ipanema beach from Corcovado Rio de Janeiro and Sugar Loaf Mountain Best view of Sugar Loaf Tourist helicopter pad Enjoying the tour with Sherri and Gary A view with Dennis Gary and Sherri admire the beautiful city Baby coconuts on the mountain The park flowers and Sherri Flowers and plants with Sherri Rio de Janeiro mountains seen from Corcovado Bus parking on Corcovado Bus to the summit and park Tree roots on Corcovado with Helton and Gary The sun shines on the redeemer Cristo com as nuvens Christ with the clouds Christ holding is open arms Photo of the Christ form the Side Entering the monument at Corcovado Katia and Dennis at the statue of the Christ Dennis on Corcovado Dennis and Christ the Redeemer Christo the Redeemer opens his arm to Dennis and Gary Christ with open arms for Sherri and Gary from Durand Wisconsin Gary and Sherri from Durand Wisconsin Gary and Sherri Grace of Christ the Redeemer Perfect view of Christo as a Statue in Rio Monkey on Corcovado Tree top moneky A monkey and a tree trunk Tail wrapped around a tree trunk in Rio The monkey looks at the camera Close up of Sherri's Monkey Sherri's monkey in Rio de Janeiro

Featuring Sherri's Brazilian Monkey

We had a beautiful clear day to overlook the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro brasil.  Overlooking Sugar Loaf, soccer stadiums, race tracks, the Atlantic ocean and all the beauty of Rio.  The famous beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana
were in view

Sugarloaf Mountain (Portuguese: Pão de Açúcar) is always in view from the Christ.

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Most Photographs taken with Dennis's Canon PowerShot A1000 IS