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Muscio invited us to stay at his Rio de Janeiro Apartment. Breakfast on our second day in Rio

Finding places to eat and to see. We want to stay a lifetime but our stay in Rio Brazil was limited

Sherri and Gary from Durand Wisconsin visit Rio de Janeiro and Brazil for for the first time

July 14 2009

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2009_07_14_159.jpg  Cotton Club Cafe Exchanging Dollars at a Rio Mall Helton at Eclipse Muscio at the restaurant Sherri Donadean and Dennis Duwayne Duplicate Duwane and Donadean Still waiting for food Jose Lagas with Sherri Saxe Beer for breakfast Sherri talks beer Sidewalk Cafe Muscio and Helton at the Eclipse Restaurant

We were only two days and three nights in Rio, The Beautiful City

We are staying just a block from Copacabana Beach

Muscio invited us to stay at his, shared with his sister Vera, Rio de Janeiro apartment.  Helton accepted and made all the arrangements for the visit

We stopped at the Eclipse Restaurant, just a block from Muscio's apartment.  The restaurant was move expensive than most cheap eats in the area but its open air street side tables were its attraction.  Muscio's breakfast was our treat

Rio can be more expensive when staying near the beaches

Sherri and Gary are into shopping so we visited an interior mall on the same block as the Eclipse restaurat.  The mall had a currency exchange; we needed the Brazilian Real.  The going rate at most places was US$ 1 to R$ 2, that is 2 of theirs for one of ours.  The malls rate was just R$1.90 to one US dollar.  2015 Update note - the US$  was almost 4 to one dollar 6 years later

Muscio only stayed one day with us in Rio, he returned to Belo Horizonte by bus in the evening

We've encountered restuarants serving the guests food spread over 20 or 30 minutes.  It seems to be an accepted custom in Brazil.  We Americans typically wait for everyone to be served before we start eating.   Result, some of the meals got cold


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Second Day in Rio and breakfast photographs by Dennis with a Canon PowerShot A1000 IS