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Janine and Silesia are the start visitors in the CoisaCoisa 2002 Photos Index

Visiting New York and Wisconsin with Friends. 2002 was the year of our best family reunion on Mom's 78th Birthday

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  Heltons Depaulo and Don Biesecker's Birthday 2002 in Wisconsin - September 14 - Russell Biesecker, Helton DePaulo and Don Biesecker Janine gets a wild hand playing with Sidney, Janine, and Helton April 2002 - Sherri and Gary in New York - With New Yorks Finest at the Brooklyn Bridge
  Helton and Don's September Birthday in 2002 September 13 and 14 Card Playing and Janine has a Wild Hand January 2002.  Janine gets a winner Sherri and Gary visiting in New York in April 2002
Why Brazil won the 2002 World Cup July 2002 Travels in Wisconsin with Janine - Helton, Janine, Jeanette, Dennis, Mom and Kelsey Cilesia wih Justin and Matt Anderson Buffalo wings at Johns Street
Why Brazil won the World Cup in 2002 Janine and Silesia Patricia Visit Wisconsin in July 2002 Updated, July 2016 Justin and Matt Visit New York 2002 Buffalo Wings Downtown
Emogene's 78th Birth Chronology

The Birthday Party that become a Family Reunion; A chronology

Sherri with Emogene and Aunt Norma at the 2002 birthday party Silesia and Emogene in 2002 Vern's photos at the Bday Party Dennis Photos of Emogene's Birthday Reunion
Emogene's Birthday - Don's Photos Silesia at Emogene's Birthday Updated Vern's Pictures at the 78th Birthday Party. Updated Emogene's Bday - Dennis Photos
Silesia and Dennis at the apartment Patricia Silesia in Central Park in the Autumn of 2002 Thanksgiving at Sherri and Gary's November 28 2002 - Sherri and Gary prsent the steaming turkey Sherri's Cat - Kitty Kitty - December 03, 2002 - Kitty Kitty on Television watching Sherri Work
Updated! Patricia and Guileirmo at Dennis' Silesia in the Park. With Guillermo.  November 11, 2002 2002 Thanksgiving at Sherri's and Gary's Kitty Kitty. Once one of the most viewed photo of cats on the internet.  A cat for the ages in 2002
Dennis on the farm at Christmas 2002      
Christmas 2002 at Sherri's      


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