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Helenice arrives in New York, Birthday Parties and Trips. Coisa Coisa 2004 Photo and Video Index

Weddings,  visitors from Brazil and celebrating at Johns Street

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Click the photo thumbnail to see the each groups collection. 2004 was the the year that was

Patty Smith Norma's 2004 Birthday and family Get together

Nathan and Kelly get married in Mondovi Wisconsin

Candid Hair Job

Patty Madden Smith.  I am not sure how I got your photos in 2004.  Where are you now?

2004-03-26 Norma Wheeler Birthday Party by the Grams Family

2004-05 Nathan and Kelly Wedding Index:  Rehearsal.  Wedding, Reception. Events in Durand and Mondovi Wisconsin

May 7th 2004.  Kelly gets ready.  Hair today, gone tomorrow

Nathan and Kelly rehearsal and after-party

Nathan and Kelly on their Wedding Day

Zion Lutheran Church Mondovi Wisconsin


The Rehearsal and Rehearsal After-Party May 7 2004

The Wedding Day of Nathan and Kelly on May 8th

Wedding Day Photos by Don B.  May 8 2004

Justin gets pinned into the Military Lore Heloisa and Helton at Johns Street Olga Holding Toby  
2004-05-16 Justin's Military Graduation. Justin Gets Pinned

2004-05-22 John Street with Heloisa

2004-06-16 Olga and Heloisa and Toby  

Doris Grams Madden visits Wisconsin

Ollie and Orville Grams visit Wisconsin Helton's birthday party in Brazil 2004  

2004-07-08 Doris Madden Visits Wisconsin Updated!

2004-07-15 Orville Grams Visits Eau Claire 2004-09-13 Helton Birthday in Brazil  
Dennis 2004 thanksgiving Table thacila and Thaissa celebrate at Johns Street

Olga a Heloisa's 2004 Christmas dinner

2004-11-25 Thanksgiving in New York.  With Clouds on the Elmhurst Horizon 2004-12-18 Thacila and Thaissa at John Street Pub. Helenice arrives in New York

2004-12-24 Christmas At Heloisa.  The sweetest strawberries ever.  And Olga too


Erv Goller at the Dells Mill in Augusta

Christmas at Sherri and Gary's in 2004

Dennis and Sherri visit Augusta Wisconsin


Erv at the Dells Mill October 2004 - a Panorama

2004-12-25 Christmas At Sherri and Gary's

2004-12-26  Day after Christmas on the Dells Pond in Augusta Wisconsin



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Horizon from a Queens Apartment in November 2004

Steamy clouds on the Queens Horizon

Steamy clouds over the Atlantic Ocean.  This amazing photograph is a panorama stitched from three photos but it is otherwise unedited.

Photo by Dennis Knuth