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Nathan's Wedding Rehearsal in Mondovi and Rehearsal Party in Durand Wisconsin 2004

Kelly and Nathan get Married in the Summertime

May 7 2004

Rehearsal for Nathan and Kelley's Wedding.  The event became party time for family and friends

05-07-Rehearsal-Nathan-Wedding (36 images) Click a picture to see a larger view.
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Helton looks out the window upon the Chippewa River The bar and restaurant where the Rehearsal Dinner was held 2004_05_07_nathan_moore_kelly_rehearsal_4.jpg Helton in Sherri's Kitchen 2004_05_07_nathan_moore_kelly_rehearsal_8.jpg 2004_05_07_nathan_moore_kelly_rehearsal_9.jpg 2004_05_07_nathan_moore_kelly_rehearsal_10.jpg 2004_05_07_nathan_moore_kelly_rehearsal_12.jpg 2004_05_07_nathan_moore_kelly_rehearsal_14.jpg 2004_05_07_nathan_moore_kelly_rehearsal_17.jpg 2004_05_07_nathan_moore_kelly_rehearsal_23.jpg The mother of groom Mother of the Groom Sherri at the Rehearsal Mother and step-father of the Bride Kelly Practicing the Vows are Nathan and Kelly Sherri and Julia at Zion Lutheran Church in Modovi for the Wedding Rehearsal Silesa at the Church in Mondovi Wisconsin for the wedding rehearsal Gloria sips on her drink in Durand Emogene appears as though she is displeased about something Gloria and Erv at the party Nathan and Grandma Emogene Helton and Patricia in black at the bar smile for all of us Helton Patricia and Sherri Gary Silesia Helton and Sherri at the Bar Silesia and Dennis Patricia Denny and Patricia Nathan sits on the barstool The two talk about the wedding and Durand Wisconsin Silesia and Dennis Dennis and Patricia Posed family photograph Family giggling at the party for rehearsing The family at the rehearsal include Gloria and Irwin Chatting Helton and Silesia Silesia and Kelsey Silesia Patricia Oliveira Depaulo Visits from Brazil

2004 Wisconsin Marriage in Mondovi with the Rehearsal Celebration and Rehearsal Dinner in Durand Wisconsin.  Helton and Silesia are Brazilians and they visited from their home in New York, New York

A few artsy photographs by Dennis and a lot of boring wedding rehearsal stuff

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Durand, Mondovi, Rehearsal, Wedding, 2004, Guests, Bar, Sherri, Dennis, Gary, Kelly, Nathan, summer, Wisconsin, Parents, Grandparents, Husband, Wife

Photographs by Dennis with a Ricoh RDC-5300