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CoisaCoisa 2008 Photos Index

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Helton and Dennis photo and video Album for the year 2008 including family

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Jared with Halloween figures

  Mothers day flowers

Jared Kelsey and Family throughout 2008

2008-01-06 Helton and Helenice on Their Way to Church 2008-05-18 Sherri on Mothers Day 2008-06-06 Kelly Saxes 30th Birthday Party
St Louis
2008-07-00 July Events at Sherri and Gary's.  At the farm. Dennis Alice and Dad 2008-2008-08-11 and 2008-08-30 Sherri and Gary in Chicago and at a Packers's Football Game 2008-09-20 Sherri and Gary in St. Louis at the Fattmann's 2008-11-29 Beth Birthday Party
Helton Knuth
Updated! 2008 12-25 Saxes Christmas.  A full Month Celebration Helton on Ice at the Dells Mill Pond in 2008 and Durand Sunsets. December Helton in a blowing snow in December winter 2008
2008 iPhone the Whole Year. Janine, Ardith, Gary, Sherri, Rosario, Helenice and just about everyone else

Dennis had recently left American Express and did some work for RDA including Web Chloe, Car

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