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iPhone Photos for the full year of 2008. New York, Wisconsin and around with Family and Friends

A full year of photos made by our iPhone 4s

Click a picture to see a larger view.
2008-iPhone-YearRound (48 images) - iPhone Photos 2008

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Helton on this Favorite Toy the telephone Olga at White Castle in NY on Valentines Day Janine Lucas Sherri in her favorite green robe Kathy, our favorite Bartender Ardith on the lawn Smart Phoning Sherri Sherri Smiles Gary Durand Gary and Kelli at the Bar Corel Bar Gary Telling a Story Start Gary Telling a Story Part 2 of 4 Gary Finishing His Story - Part 3 of 4 Gary's Story is Over The finish Sister Karen Durand at Garys Ardith waits for Jared birthday party in 11 days Ardith in the Garage celebrating Jared's Birthday early Emogene Reta setting in the Garage Emogene Grams and Kelli Saxe Emogene looks perturbed Gloria Gloria Goller with a youthful complexion Dad at Sherri's Birthday Party for Jared Matt Anderson a great artist from Durand Wisconsin Emogene watch Kelli Grandpa puts a toy car together Helenice at Rogerio's Bday August 2008 Mucio Lagas our best friend Yedda at Via Brasil after work Yeda and Helton Beautiful Helenice dumurring Heloisa Nem Helenice and Rogerio at Rose's Helenice and Rojerio Rogerio and Helenice sup after seeing Mama Mia Helenice at Cassidy's Rogerio and Helenice at Cassidy's Sherri paying bills at Christmas time Emogene smoking and drinking Mom Emogene in profile Kelly with her had in the Cookie Jar Kelly smiles Gorgeous Kelly smile Ardith Knuth 2008_12_28_ardith_02.jpg Dad's wife Ardith Dad

We traveled through the year with our phone in our hip pocket and we got our family, friends and going-ons.

The last photographs in this series were taken during the December Holiday season.  Dennis had three weeks vacation at the end of this year and he returned to New York city to be let go at the end of January.

Photographs spread for the period of January 2008 through December of 2008.  Dennis loves to study people and photographs to see how it captures moods of the moments in time that the pictures are captured

A collection of photos coving a year


Helton, moments, captured, pictures, Ardith, year, Dennis, 2008, Heloisa, photographs, Emogene, holiday, family, phone

Photographed in 2008 with Dennis's iPhone 4s