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Sherri and Gary visit St. Louis Missouri for the first time to see Ed and Kaydi

Site seeing the city and enjoying family

September 20, 2008

Sherri and Gary in St. Louis 2008.  Just to see the flood and the Gateway Arch

2008-09-20 St Louis (41 images) Click a picture to see a larger view.
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Mississippi Flooded Floodl Stage flooded sign Dredge on the Mississippi Tugboat 2008_09_20_sherri_gary_stlouis_41.jpg 2008_09_20_sherri_gary_stlouis_45.jpg 2008_09_20_sherri_gary_stlouis_47.jpg Arch memorial with Gary and Sherri Arch builders at the Gateway museum in St. Louis Carriage Panorama Buffalo 2008_09_20_sherri_gary_stlouis_62.jpg Gary, Sherri, Kaydi and Friend touring St. Louis 2008_09_20_sherri_gary_stlouis_66.jpg 2008_09_20_sherri_gary_stlouis_71.jpg 2008_09_20_sherri_gary_stlouis_88.jpg 2008_09_20_sherri_gary_stlouis_90.jpg Street scene man looking up 2008_09_20_sherri_gary_stlouis_94.jpg Backside view Massive 2008_09_20_sherri_gary_stlouis_arch.jpg 2008_09_20_sherri_gary_stlouis_arch_1.jpg Gary and Sherri have a great big huge smile Seeing the scale of the Gateway Arch 2008_09_20_sherri_gary_stlouis_arch_5.jpg 2008_09_20_sherri_gary_stlouis_arch_11.jpg Under the Arch Scale Gary Cats eyes 2008_09_20_sherri_gary_stlouis_kaydi_eds_3.jpg 2008_09_20_sherri_gary_stlouis_kaydi_eds_4.jpg cat close up 2008_09_20_sherri_gary_stlouis_kaydi_eds_6.jpg 2008_09_20_sherri_gary_stlouis_kaydi_eds_7.jpg 2008_09_20_sherri_gary_stlouis_kaydi_eds_8.jpg Waving hello Kaydi in her alumna sweatshirt

Visiting the Gateway Arch, the joining of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers and seeing all of the town

Sherri and Gary toured the City and some of it's sites.  The Mississippi river was at a flood stage and they were impress how the city handled the flood.

The visit was just for 4 days in September.  Kaydi and Ed took them to the Gateway Arch.  Both Sherri and Gary were impressed with its massiveness.  The height of 630 feet surprised then and the architecture stunned them.  They didn't know how it stood up

Sherri was leery to take the tourist car but she did, the view was worth overcoming her fears. The scale of the memorial cannot be visualized without visiting it

Seeing the St Louis Natural History, and enjoying Ed, Kaydi and the family cat

first, Sherri, visit, St Louis, time, Gary, zoo, Missouri, 2008, family

Photos by Sherri with a Panasonic DMC-LZ5 Digital Camera