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The Wedding of Nathan and Kelly in Mondovi Wisconsin with dance and Reception in Durand Wisconsin

Wisconsin 2004 Marriages

05-08-Wedding-Nathan-Kelly-Moore (194 images) Click a picture to see a larger view Nathan and Kelly Wedding

May 8, 2004

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Mother and Brother of the Groom Mother Sherri and Grandmother Emogene of the Groom Sherri and Gary ready for Nathan's Wedding Patricia Silesa and Helton in a field of dandelions Dennis and Silesia Patricia on a hill on the farm Silesia Patricia Oliviera Helton and Silesia in the field Dandelions and dairy with Helton and Patricia Mr and Mrs Nate Moore with their parents The bride and groom with their Parents in the 2004 wedding Kaydi Saxe with boyfriend in 2004 Helton and Patricia in the pew Emogene Knuth the grandmother of the groom Mother Father Grandfather Grandmother and newly weds Weddings marry families too Gary Helton Alice and daughter Bride and groom and Alice Sperber Erwin and Gloria Goller from Milwaukee Wisconsin A nervous Nathan before he weds Bride and groom get ready Bride and bridesmaid confusion Kelly maid of honor and bridesmaid Mother of the groom in the parking lot a_wedding_before_29.jpg Aunt and Sherri Brides maids gather round in the parking lot Silesia at the church Helton and Silesia Oliveira with John and Ardith Nathans uncles, grandma and grandpa and Silesia Kelly is all smiles after she becomes Mrs Moore Kelly with her wedding bouquet John Knuth and Ardith Knuth Kelsey craks a smile Kelsey gets weary waiting Mr and Mrs Helton b_wedding_procession_01.jpg Nate expectantly awaits his bride Unknown Members of the wedding court Brides maid and grooms man unidentified Unidentified members of the wedding party Groomsmand and bride maid at the enter procession The incoming wedding procession Brother Justin and Bridesmaid Close friends in the wedding The ring bearer enters the church The bridesmaids all in a row The ring bearer and the flower girl The bride's father walks her down the aisle Brides Maids watching the wedding Cross at the Altar Bridesmaids are lined up at the altar I Do with Kelly and Nathan Grooms man with the bride and groom at the altar Kelly and Nathan exchange rings Nathan and Kelly Getting ready to leave the Altar in Mondovi Wisconsin Pastor says a prayer Praying at the candles Bridesmaids watch love in progress Oath of devotion Getting ready to light the candles of matrimony Kelly and Nathan take their vows at Zion A brides maid weeps Nathan and Kelly light the candle of love Kelly and Nathan presented as Mr and Mrs The new Mr and Mrs exit the altar Nathan's brother Justin Friends receeding from the altar Part of the wedding court in the recessional Leaving the altar Marsha leaves the church e_wedding_recession_08.jpg Members of the wedding party in the recessional Receiving line outside the church The brides parents Sandy and Dan Grandpa John Knuth laughs with the newly weds Justin waits for Julia Beautiful Julia and Justin Russell Biesecker Nathan and Kelly on the receiving line The brides parents with Nathan and Kelly Parents do the receiving line The grooms mother Sherri and Gary Nathan's sister Kaydi on the receiving line Kaydi Saxe 2004 Uncle Donald and Rose Don Grams exits the Church Guests leaving the church Gloria Goller and Erv Goller exit the church Alice Sperber and family at the receiving line Helton and Silesia wait to greet the newly weds Decorated Wedding Car at Moore's Wedding 2004 Sandy, the mother of the bride Helton and Marsh chat The brazilian argues with the maid of honor Helton and Marsha the maid of honor Helton tries to make sense Jeanette Ayres in the parking lot after the wedding Sherri on the way to the church Sherri adjusts and Silesia Patricia g_wedding_parking_11.jpg Aunt Jeanette Grams Ayres at Nathan's Wedding The bride is happy it is over The bride gets impatient Nate enters the wedding getaway car Kelly gets her wedding skirt untangled Wedding dress is repaired The bride drinking a beer Nate looks cool in sunglasses The bride getting her dress fixed Kelly giggles The bride drinking a beer Brazilan and Wisconsinite Minor wedding dress emergency Candid photograph in the parking lot Drinking a beer in the church parking lot Kelly gets into the car It's hard trying to get into a small car with a wedding dress Kelly at the just married car Kelly and Nathan's Just Married car Groom helps with the brides dress Nathan and Kelly in the getaway car The big smile from the bride Kelly is ready to go Nate and Kelly cool Silesia and Emogene Where do we go after the wedding Nathan Kelly and the maid of honor enter the tavern A smile by Kelly after she gets married Friends drinking a beer at the tavern Helton Kelly, the bride, Silesia at Mick's Bar Getting read for wedding photos on the Chippewa River Chippewa River formal portrait The marriage on the river The Chippewa River flows past the newly weds h_wedding_bar_09.jpg Nathan and Kelly on their Wedding Day The cantilever bridge in Durand Wisconsin The wedding court  gets organized Wedding party on the Chippewa River The wedding cake of Kelly and Nate Moore Meandering wedding party Sherri overlooking the Chippewa Valley Sherri and new granddaughter Kelsey The bride Kelly and her daughter Kelsey Mother, daughter and bride try to get a good picture The bride, mother and daughter at the reception Helton Julia Sherri and Silesia The wedding party at the dance and reception Newly weds with Brazilian Guests Helton Julia and Justin Julia and Justin smiling Vern, Helton and Silesia Emogene Jeanette Helton and Silesia Cutting the cake Gloria Dennis Elvera and Silesia Patricia Goofy Grams Elvera Jeanette and Emogene mug for the camera See no evil Jeanette is peeking Speak but hear no evil and see no evil k_wedding_waitingfordance_06.jpg Sisters see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil Grams girls laughing wih Silesa Silesia adores the sisters Silesia Patrica grabs the grams See no evil hear no evil and Emogene Silesia with the Grams Sisters The wedding party bus Dancing with Kelly and Kelsey Beautiful Silesia Patricia Oliveira Loving and dancing bride and groom Newly weds dance in love Nathan and Kelly are in love Sherri and Gary at the wedding dance The groom goes after his new wife's garter Smiling Brazilian The bride dances with her father Sherri and Sandy at the dance The lady from Brazil dances with Nathan The groom dances with his mother Nates aunt and uncle at the wedding dance Alice and her daughter at Nate's Wedding Justin Moore and Kelly dance Brother Justin and the Bride Dancing Sherri become the mother-in-law Helton and Sherri Dance Mother Emogene and Dennis Glow and Erv dance Silesia tells Helton off Dennis dances with Silesia Helton Sherri and Silesa do the Chicken Dance Chicken dance at the wedding party l_wedding_dance_57.jpg Justin and Julia take care of Kelsey Justin takes care of his neice, Kelsey

Kelly and Nathan get married.

The wedding was in Mondovi and the Reception in Durand

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