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Friday Night get together with friends at Johns Street Pub in Downtown New York

Taking it easy after a long week of work

May 22, 2008

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Johns Street Pub with Heloisa and Friends
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Ronaldo Cantankerous Teresa and Lore Exasperated Zilia and Rene All Smiles Drinking beer Heloisa Lore Helton Friends Celesia and Guillermo Helton and Lore Raphael Cracked up Teresa Heloisa Heloisa Dennis and Teresa Dennis gets a smooch Hugs Dennis Rene and Zilia Ronald and Helenice

An after work ritual At the place with the best buffalo wings in Manhattan

This night we had a lot of guests, Brazilian friends, coming with us.  Most of our group came from mid-town so our party started a little late

The regular bartender, Mike, used to work in Mid-town so the Brazilians employed in that part of town wear very familiar to him.  Mike used to boast that their tips sent his three kids to college

Helenice and Ronaldo refreshed their relationship after not seeing each other for many years

Guests were: Dennis, Helton, Zilia and Rene, Rapael, Heloisa, Lore, Silesia and Guilermo, at Teresa.

John's Street was our choice to stop after work because its excellent Buffalo Wings

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Photographs with Dennis' Richo RDC-5300 digital camera