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Helton and Don Biesecker celebrated their 2002 Birthdays together.  First in Elmhurst New York and then in Durand Wisconsin

A small get together in Queens and a large party in Durand

09-14-Helton-Don-Bday (40 images) Click a picture to see a larger view.

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Heltons Birthday in New York before we flew to Wisconsin Helton's 51st Birthday in 2002 - September 13 New York's Birthday with Helton and Lore Dennis and Lore in New York Emogene and Dennis at the shared birthday party Justin and Julia are courting Kelly's mom and step-dad with Sherri and Kelly Jeannette was drunk Gloria and Helton laugh at Jeanette Dennis captures his feet as he adjusts the camera Sisters Emogene, Elvera, and Norma The Bieseckers, father Donald and Russell with his wife Serious talk between family members The party starts as the sun sets September 14 party with Jeanette Norma and Helton Norma, Helton and Jeanette. Durand farm Norma with loveable Helton and Jeanette Ayres July 14th 2002 Jeanette, Helton, Sherri, Kelly, and Nathan Elvera Biesecker, Helton and Norma and Bob Wheeler Donald Biesecker with his son Russell, and Helton Helton, Gary - Toby's the one with the Long Ears Justin, Uncle Helton, and Julia Erv Goller, Helton Depaulo, and Gloria Goller Group photograph at the birthday party Helton gives Emogene a big hug Helton gets loveable when he drinks too much Sherri says NO PICTURES! Emogene at the party talking too much Sherri and Roxie Erv, Gloria and Helton listen to Jeanette Ayres Dennis Gloria and Erv Goller The party gets going with a photograph Sherri, Ann Biesecke's daughter and boyfriend, and Kelsey Erv Goller, his wife Gloria and Dennis Photograph of Jeanette Ayres, Sherri, Kelly, Nathan and Helton Uncle Don Biesecker and Sherri Emogene, Dennis and Gloria Outdoors at Sherri and Garys Dairy in Durand Wisconsin The party gets ready for fireworks Garage party place

Fireworks were set off to celebrate

Don's son, Russell Biesecker, was a party DJ with strobe lights and giant speakers

The nighttime mid-September weather was in the upper 40's, about normal.  People moved inside because of the cold.  The New York average low for the same date is about 63 degrees

Two birthdays were being celebrated; Donald Biesecker's and Helton Depaulo.  Helton made caipirinhas and many guests had too much of them.  Sherri fell off here shoes, Helton became loveable. Jeanette Ayres became insufferable and ended up insulting friends and family alike

Helton's 2001 birthday, his 50th on September 13, was not celebrated with a party because of the 9/11 World Trade center tragedy.  The 2002 parties made up for it 


2002, Birthday, Helton, Don, Biesecker, New York, Durand, Wisconsin, shared, month, September,  Elmhurst, friends, family, Photographs, photos

Photographs taken with a  Ricoh RDC-5300 digital camera