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Kitty Kitty was Sherri's favorite house and home cat. She followed Sherri everywhere. Wisconsin cats are the best cats

Kitty Kitty passed away in about 2012

12-03-Sherris-Cat-Kitty (3 images) Click a picture to see a larger view.
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Kitty Kitty on the monitor Kitty Kitty close up on the monitor Sherri's Cat - Kitty Kitty - December 03, 2002

Kitty Kitty was the best kitten on the farm. If you want a feline pet get one like kitty kitty

Kitty Kitty was not born on Sherri and Gary's farm.  She was a gift of a friend as a wee kitten.

The photographs of kitty warming herself on top of the monitor were one for most viewed photographs on the inter.  Kitty Kitty used to set on the warmth of the computer monitor for hours as she watched Sherri work on the computer

The farm cats had a job to do in the barn.  They were there to fight and eat the vermin.   Kitty Kitty was a house cat to give pleasure as a pet.  Kitty kitty purred when she was loved.

We loved that cat, we loved Sherri's Kitty Kitty


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