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Emogene and Friends Birthday Number 77 Party. A Chronology of a birthday party 2002

Emogene Reta Grams Knuth's 77th birthday in July 28, she was born in 1925

The following is a rough chronology as we partied over a three calendar day period on Sherri and Gary Saxe’s beautiful dairy farm.

Family Reunion Norma Sherri and Emogener Goat Sherri and Celesia Verns motor home
Emogene's 77th by Dennis
July 28 2002
Dons Photos Silesia's  Photos Vern's Photos

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  • The Birthday entourage for Emogene began forming on July 24, 2002 when Delores Grams Yannone arrived from Montana on Saturday, July 27th

  • We had a perfect day – it got up to a humid 86 degrees, rained and cooled down to a pleasant upper 60s later at night

  • Silesia Oliveira, Dennis Knuth and Helton DePaulo arrived from New York City on Saturday, July 27th at 5 am

  • Helton cooked Brazilian food from 6 am until 8 pm with only 2 hours of sleep

  • Sherri Knuth Saxe joined the party at 6 am

  • Gary Saxe joined the party at 8:30 am but then worked until later

  • Emogene Grams Knuth joined the party at 10:30 am

  • Silesia presented Emogene with a signed Yankee baseball “Emogene, Happy Birthday, Derrick Jeter” about 11:30 am

  • Don Grams and Rose Scott Grams joined the party at 3:15 pm

  • Jeanette Grams Ayres and Vern Bundy joined the party at 3:30 pm

  • Norma Grams Wheeler and Bob Wheeler joined the party at 4:15

  • Elvera Grams Biesecker, Don Biesecker, and Delores Grams Yanonne joined the party at 4:30 pm

  • Kelly Bauer and Nathan Moore arrived at 4:30 pm

  • Helton began making Caipirinhas, the Brazilian National Drink at 5 p.m. The Cachaça (spelled cachaça in English) ran out by 7 pm, - the Golden Girls again. click here to see a recipe. But the Caipirinhas continued, the chef just switched to vodka as the main ingredient

  • New York T-shirts were presented to all the Grams family as an Emogene Birthday remembrance

  • It rained buckets and everyone headed inside

  • The rain stopped and the skies cleared at 6:00:pm and we headed outside again

  • Anne Biesecker Struck arrive

  • Kaydi and Kelli Saxe arrive

  • Dan and Sandy Bauer, Kelly’s parents arrive

  • Beth Bauer, Sherri’s friend arrive

  • An All Brazilian Supper was served at about 8 pm

  • Gary’s chore helping Amish stopped by on their way home and showed us their horse and carriage

  • Emogene’s birthday officially started at about 10 pm with fireworks

  • The Golden Grams Girls were lit and they lighted up the sky with roman candles

  • Star light and Moon lit walks on the highway.

  • Four Wheeler rides with friends, and Toby, the Saxe family dog. Toby jumps right on the 4 wheeler and takes rides with you if you ask him

Sunday, July 28th, 2002

A hotter and more humid 94 degrees didn’t ruin our day. It rained in the early evening and then drizzled to a 66 degrees through the night

  • The party moved away from the house to the near motor home so those so inclined could sleep in peace

  • Karaoke and country took over as brief dance club music play ended

  • The party continued until at least 3:45 am. Don, Delores and Elvera were last to leave but Jeanette and Vern stayed overnight in the motor home

  • Emogene’s birth date day arrived with partiers waking up at 8:30 am

  • Bob Schwetz and Alice Sperber Schwetz arrive at 10:30 am

  • Gary rejoined to party at 11:30 am

  • Short trip interludes were made until the party began reforming around 3 pm

  • It rained again from 5:30 until 7:30 and drizzled through the rest of the night

  • Russell Biesecker arrived with the returning Don, Elvera, and Delores at 7:00 pm

  • Rod and Roxie Bauer, Gary’s Neighbors arrived

  • Leftover Brazilian food and Wisconsin brats were served

  • A fireworks birthday cake marked the nearing end of the occasion

  • Grand Finale Fireworks ended Emogene’s Birthday celebration at about 10 pm

  • The Golden Grams Girls lighted up the sky AGAIN with roman candles as their salute to Emogene’s best birthday ever

Monday July 29th

  • The last guests gradually went home or went to bed.

  • The birthday party ended with Emogene and Silesia being the last survivors, until 2:45 am, when Silesia, Helton, and Dennis left for the airport.

Thank you(s) to

  • Helton and Silesia for bringing 30 pounds of Brazilian food and drinks from NY

  • Helton and Silesia for spending 12 hours in the kitchen while we enjoyed your efforts and socialized while you worked so hard

  • Elvera and Don for food and cooking pots loan

  • Jeanette for food and booze contributions

  • Everyone who brought gifts, food, fireworks and refreshments, I apologize for not knowing of and / or not naming all of you and your gifts

  • Delores for coming on short notice

  • Don for his photos

  • Vern for his toys (and photos too)

  • Sherri and Gary for letting us mess up the farm, for contributions of birthday cake, beer and fireworks

  • My aunts, uncles, family and friends for making this wonderful extended family that I have

  • Emogene for having this, her 77th birthday.

“Happy Birthday Mom – I love you”, Dennis

This is one of the best things we ever did for our mom, Emogene.   We lost her at age 91 in 2017 on St Patrick's Day