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Emogene Reta Grams Knuth's 78th Birthday including all family reunion in Durand Wisconsin July 28th 2002 with special guests

Visited by Helton and Silesia (Patricia) Depaulo and Dennis from New York

Everyone in the Wisconsin Area and Delores from Montana

Emogene Reta Grams Knuth's 78 Birthday and Grams Family Reunion

Click a picture to see a larger view. 07-28-Emogene-Bday-Dennis (41 images)

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Aunt Norma Aunt Delores and Ann at the picnic table Don Grams and Rose Grams relax The Grams sisters relax with Ann Emogene and Silesia Emogene's birthday gift of a autographed bases ball Emogene shows off her authographed baseball with Patricia The party gets started Gathering of the Grams klan The Grams Family get together in July 2002 Getting read to take the family reunion photograph Friends and the Grams Family Reunion 2002 Patricia at Karens Baby Goats and Silesia Sherri and Patricia with two baby goats Patricia hugs a baby goat birds on a wire Jeanette tells Sherri a story Night decends at the Family Reunion Delores Grams Yannone Helton gives Delores a hug Helton and Aunt Norma Wheeler Don and Rose (Zank) GRams The Biesecker family on reunion day 07_28_emogene_bday_dennis_24.jpg Bob and Aunt Norma (Grams) Wheeler Vern Bundy and Jeanette Ayres (nee Jeanette Grams) Jeanette and Vern doing a big hug Sherri Ann Patricia and Beth Girlfiends Sherri Ann Patricia and Beth Doris and Jeanette Elvera and Don B at the party Party guests enjoy family and the conversation Emogene gets a laugh from everyone 07_28_emogene_bday_dennis_34.jpg Bob Alice Sherri and Emogene Alice and Bob Denns Alice and Boy Swetz and Emogene Gary's neighbor Rod Family Reunion 2002 family reunion of the Grams famliy Neighbors chat the day after the party

Special Guests including the Whole Family is Delores Grams Yannone from Great Falls Montana.  Delores had not visited Wisconsin for over 25 years. Delores was the special guest at the behest of her Nephew Dennis.  Her arrival was an absolute surprise to sister Emogene.

Emogene's 77th Birthday Photos and Family Reunion in Wisconsin in 2002

Parents of the Grams family children were Emil Reinard Grams and Reta Grams

Reta Grams Kunert, (nee Reta Zank) had 10 surviving (from birth) children.  Seven of the 10 siblings made the reunion.  Doris Grams and Orville Grams were in California and could not arrange travel in time.  Gordon Grams was deceased

This reunion is the last time a family reunion was held. This Grams family originated in the Augusta Wisconsin area including Ludington Wisconsin and Eau Claire Wisconsin

Also see the History of the Grams family for more information


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