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Thanksgiving Day Parade and Dinner at Olga's with Tarcisio and Ines

New York and Macy's Parade November 2010

November 25, 2010

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Video Slide Show of the 2010 Thanksgiving with Tarcisio and Ines

Autumn Leaves photo by Dennis Knuth Ines in Herald Square 2010_11_00_ines_tarcisio_nyc_05.jpg Dennis and Tarcision are drinking a lot of beer 2010_11_00_ines_tarcisio_nyc_07.jpg 2010_11_00_ines_tarcisio_nyc_08.jpg Framed by the kitchen door 2010_11_00_ines_tarcisio_nyc_10.jpg 2010_11_00_ines_tarcisio_nyc_11.jpg Dennis Knuth and Ines on the rooftop Looking toward Manhattan Queens Boulevard from top of Macy's parking lot 2010_11_00_ines_tarcisio_nyc_15.jpg 2010_11_00_ines_tarcisio_nyc_18.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_parade_01.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_parade_02.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_parade_03.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_parade_04.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_parade_05.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_parade_06.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_parade_07.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_parade_08.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_parade_09.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_parade_10.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_parade_11.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_parade_12.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_parade_13.jpg On 45th Street 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_parade_15.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_parade_16.jpg Tarcisio at the Thanks Giving Parade 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_parade_18.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_parade_19.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_parade_20.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_parade_21.jpg Helton checks the turkey 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_at_olga_02.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_at_olga_03.jpg Helton and Olga 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_at_olga_05.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_at_olga_06.jpg 2010_11_00_ines_tarcisio_nyc_02.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_at_olga_07.jpg Sisters in the Kitchen 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_at_olga_09.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_at_olga_10.jpg 2010_11_00_ines_tarcisio_nyc_03.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_at_olga_11.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_at_olga_12.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_at_olga_13.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_at_olga_14.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_at_olga_15.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_at_olga_16.jpg Turkey Table Thanksgiving Layout 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_at_olga_18.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_at_olga_19.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_at_olga_20.jpg Friends together at Thanksgiving Dinner with Olga 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_at_olga_22.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_at_olga_23.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_at_olga_24.jpg 2010_11_25_thanksgiving_at_olga_25.jpg Dennis Knuth Carving Devoured bird

The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, cooking at Olga's and Enjoying Friends and Family

Balloons on parade, visiting Manhattan and friends and family on the quintessential American Holiday. Ines and Tarcisio come to New York to see the gigantic balloon at Macy's Parade.  They share Thanksgiving Dinner with Olga at Heloisa's

Tarcisio and Ines from Oliveira Brazil in New York for Thanksgiving

shopping, Tarcisio, thanksgiving, 2010, Ines, friends, Olga, parade, November, holiday, Dennis, cooking, Helton, Orestus, Stella

Photographed with Canon PowerShot SD100 and other cameras