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Video of the New York Holiday Blizzard
The Great Blizzard of 2010 on the East Coast

December 2010 North American blizzard

It was the Holidays. All of the USA was on Vacation and New York had a Blizzard on December 26 and 27 of 2010. Streets were blocked for weeks

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20 inches of snow in Central Park in the Unexpected Holiday snow storm of 2010.  Video of a major storm. December 26-27 2010

People Died because of Delays In Cleaning streets as the snow came

It was the holidays - New Yorkers and all of the US were with, and scheduled to be with their families.  The National Weather Service did not pick up on the dangerous storm approaching

The weather services on December 23 said there would be  two to four inches of snow

December 24 2010 - the weather service said there would be four to six inches

December 25 - the National Weathers service said there would be snow accumulations of about 6 to 8, later in the day revised again to 8 -12

Final official total for the 2 day accumulation of December 26 and 27 at La Guardia airport was 14 inches.  Some areas reported local accumulations up to 32 inches

The unexpected and under predicted storm was a life taker.  Bus, cars, trucks, even mighty garbage trucks were stranded askew in the middle of city blocks.

Streets were block to emergency vehicles.  Buses were willy nilly creating barricades for fire trucks and ambulances

Alternate side parking was suspended until the end of January. City streets did not become fully passible until then


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