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Great Blizzards in New York City and Elmhurst, New York. The Record Breakers

We've experienced at least five of them in the 35 years we've lived in the city.  Here are photos

We have photographs and videos of some of them

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The Great Blizzard of 2016
January 22 through January 24

The number one New York City blizzard of all time

Blizzard of 2016

This storm was a monster in its snowfall and especially in its width and breadth.  30 inches or more were recorded from North Carolina to New York City and all points in between.  20 miles north of the Big Apple just 10 inches or less were reported. 

The Great Blizzard of 2015.  New York and New England.  January 26 to January 28 2015.

The Chronology of the 2015 Great Snowstorm event.  The Blizzard that was not to be.  Predictions for New York City were up to 30 inches, cars were ordered off the streets.  It didn't happen; maybe 10 inches accumulated.  The storm hit much further north.  Boston got 30 or more inches from this storm and recorded over 100 inches for the month of January 2015

The 2010 Great Holiday Blizzard December! 2010-12-26

New York 2010 Blizzard

It was the holiday's, the city was celebrating Christmas, even the mayor was on vacation.  Predictions of moderate snow just 2 days before exploded to 30 inches on Christmas day.  New York's 6th biggest

The Great Blizzard of 2010 .  February! 2010-02-26

Elmhurst NY

The storm was called a Snow Hurricane because of its intense winds.  21 inches of snow fell, it was the city's 4th largest - tie

Presidents Day Blizzard 2003 in New York February! 2003-02-17

Central Park - Presidents Day Blizzard - February 17 2003

Tied as the fourth biggest storm in New York City - see above - picture taking was a photographer's dream

Other significant snow storms in The Big Apple

These snow storms are not record setting but were big enough to remember for personal reasons and big enough to go out and play in after they were over

Elmhurst Neighborhood Snow A snowman in New York City    

New York Christmas Holidays 2000 Storm before New Years Eve 2000-12-30

Helenice's Snowy Birthday Party Weekend 2005-01-23 Not a record snow storm but Brazilians partied and played in the snow    

There are some other notable storms that affected us.  I remember them but didn't document them with photographs

1999 index and [ Back to Photos of Arizona trip - there are no blizzard pix or Arizona ]

January 24 or 25, 1999.  Helton, Dennis, Marcos, Umberto and Murillo headed to Phoenix for a rodeo weekend.  Our flight was scheduled to leave La Guardia airport at about 1 pm.  It start to snow, a heavy, wet snow, early in the morning.  By the time we got to the airport flights were being canceled, ours among them.  We were rescheduled on a flight out of Kennedy at 4 pm.  The flight was on the edge of cancellation, we were delayed boarding but later allowed to board.  The flight sat on the runway for 3 hours, then called back to the gate.  Rebooking was offered and two-thirds of the passengers took it and left the plan.  We stayed.  The meal was served, as then was then the practice of most airlines, at mid-night.  The flight finally left JFK at 3 am - we arrived in Phoenix at 5 am

I particularly remember this flight experience.  Delta Airline's security was at the JFK terminal sidewalk entrance.  We had to remove our shoes and walk in 2 inches of slush to pass security. 

1998 index

January 7 and 8 1998 - I was working on 61st in Manhattan near Central Park. I had cheap tickets to Phoenix Arizona.  The streets were hushed silent by the snow when I left work on January 7 but got to the airport before all flights were cancelled.  A total of 20 inches was recorded in Central Park, the third highest

1982 index

April 6th, 1982 - I was working late in Washington Heights in New York City and had to get home to Elmhurst.  Got on the subway, got home - I was on the last train to my neighborhood because the subway quit running.  The Yankees had their home opener scheduled on this day.  Helton and I didn't have tickets but we went a few days later to take in a double header including the make up of the April 6 game, it was in the mid-seventies but there were still piles of snow in the stadium.  10 inches were recorded in this event

Video of the 2010 Holiday Blizzard

New York Blizzard Video 2010

As I update these pages I realized I have photographs of Record setting blizzards in New York city, and one predicted but never realized

I decided to put them all together in an index so you can enjoy several photographs of some of the Big Apple's record setters

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