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The 2015 Great Blizzard in New England and on the East Coast.  It was NOT the record setting Nor'easter as predicted in NYC

The Great Blizzard of 2015 in New York stopped tens of millions of people from January 26 to January 28 - Monday through Wednesday

The actual storm path moved 50 to 75 miles east of the original prediction.  Manhattan received about 10 inches, Queens just over a foot and up to 24 inches on the very end of Long Island

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The snowstorm and blizzard was NOT one for the record books.

The Record setter came a year later see the [ Record Setting Blizzard photos of 2016 ]

Prior to the Great New York Blizzard, a Nor'easter, the New York Winter of 2014 and 2015 had totaled only 8 inches. The major snow event affected New Jersey northward through New England and out into the Canadian Maritimes

The chronology of the forecast, a personal blog and history centered in Queens New York

The predictions for the Monday storm started on Thursday or Friday, January 22 or 23 as New York was dealing with the expectation of a snow event on Saturday the 25th.  1 to 3 inches were predicted for Saturday but a total of 4.10 inches were officially recorded.  Another storm was forecast for Monday, January 26th with another 1 to 3 inches expected.

The Monday prediction for 1 to 3 inches held through 7 am on Sunday, January 25.

Prediction Intensifies

Then, the prediction exploded!  By noon on Sunday, New York was issued a blizzard warning.  The earlier 1 to 3 inch forecast was changed to 20 to 30 inches for the entirety of the 3 day snowstorm.  Winds forecast were up to 60 miles an hour

Total accumulations forecast were reduced to 18 to 24 inches on Monday am.  Heavier amounts were predicted for Long Island.  The blizzard warning was issued from 1 pm Monday through Tuesday midnight, or very early Wednesday.  Boston's prediction was increased from 18 to 24 inches to up to three feet of snow with the end of the storm  by Wednesday at 1 pm

Snow Showers on Monday Morning, the Weather Channels calls the storm Juno

Snow showers were expected for Monday morning, January 26.  There turned out to be 2 or 3 inches of snow showers on the ground in Queens New York by noon.  The showers fell from about 8 am to 11.

The Juno storm blizzard warning began at 1 pm for New York City and Long island.  1 to 3 inches were predicted between then and 6 pm with the winter wallop beginning to intensify at about 6 pm.

New York suspended alternate side parking rules for Saturday, Monday and Tuesday January 23rd, 25th and 26th.  Its expected the rules will be suspended for at least a week after the Great East Coast Blizzard of 2015

Motorists are warned to stay off the roads.  The storm intensity is such that emergency rescues cannot be expected for stranded motorists

The Blizzard Begins, the Nor'easter, Winter storm Juno, starts

It starts, slightly earlier then predicted, at about 12:45 pm.  The snow begins saying something wicked comes this way.  By 1:10 pm accumulations up to 4 inches were expected by 6 pm.  Total accumulations are again upped to 20 to 30 inches

The snow is heavier by 1:15 pm.  It continues at 3 pm

The snow continued moderately through about 6 pm on Monday but then it just about stopped through about 10 PM.  About 6 inches were on the ground locally

New York City STOPS! Never has the city been this prepared

New York state declared a State of Emergency. Public transportation, subways, buses and commuter railways, were suspended at 11 pm.  Everything was cancelled for Tuesday.  Driving became a crime, although just a misdemeanor, with fines up to $300 for just being on the road.

Another wallop developed early Tuesday Morning with heavy snow from 12 am through about 3 am and then in began to dwindle off.  The heavy wind predicted peaked at about 25 miles per hour gusts

The quiet in the city became eerie.  The snow muffled every sound. The constant background buzz of the city diminished to the barely audible hum of hushed ventilation systems.  There were no people on the street, car traffic, trains or buses or airplanes overhead

Visually it was fantastic to see no motion other than the snow flakes.  The scene was a movie set of the imagination.  I remember no other time when traffic stopped completely.

NYC dodges a bullet, the storm was not as bad as predicted

The total accumulation was 12 to 14 inches in Queens, and blizzard winds never developed in the city.  New York's recovered slowly as the traffic ban was lifted on Tuesday, January 27 at 8 am, with public transportation coming on line, in a limited way, by midday.  For NYC, it was the Blizzard of 2015 that never was.


The city was ultimately prepared and that is a good thing.  It is unfortunate that people will doubt future weather predictions just because this storm moved slightly to the east.  The next time it's likely that many will ignore the warnings to their own peril


A nor’easter is also known as a northeaster [storm].  The name is derived from the wind direction of the approaching storm.  The term was used as early as 1585 according to Wikipedia.


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